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    Trouble with hijacked browser

    Hi Striker, Prepare CWShredder for use: Download CWShredder. Save CWShredder.exe to a convenient location. Please do not do anything with it yet. Prepare AboutBuster for use: Download AboutBuster. Unzip the contents of and an AboutBuster directory will be created...
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    Weird Problem with Recycle Bin - Help

    j79zlr, The l2mfix is supposed to fix the recycle bin on both NTFS and FAT32 so it might fix the recycle bin even if the malware has already been removed.
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    Weird Problem with Recycle Bin - Help

    ksgareau, I recommend that you go to the Malware Removal forum at SpyWareInfo, read the FAQ, and then post a HijackThis log there. There is a new tool available for fixing the infection that you most likely have gotten.
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    MS Antispyware public beta download

    In case anyone hasn't noticed this Beta release does not scan cookies, that capability will be added in a future release.
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    Cable Modem Woes

    AdamBCohen, A number of cable companies control the connected devices by the MAC address. On many modems that have both ethernet and USB connectors the ethernet and USB have different MAC addresses and if you switch between them you will not be able to connect until after the IP address...
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    router problem

    It depends on your ISP but you can probably just plug your modem directly into your computer, bypassing the router, unplug your modem for 30 secs or so, plug it back in and let it reset, reboot your computer, do what you need to do, and then do the same thing to put the router back into the loop...
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    Securing a folder in Windows Xp

    If you have separate login accounts setup with passwords and your hard drive is formatted NTFS, then any files that are in your My Documents folder or subfolders are not accessable to the other users.
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    SpyBot-Search & Destroy 1.3.2b Final

    Looks like you were too quick:) The following is from the Spybot website: "Since yesterday evening, places like BetaNews or MajorGeeks offer Spybot-S&D, version 1.3.2 beta (spybotsd132b.exe). We're not sure how this version reached them or why they do publish it, but this had been an...
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    comp restarts after an hour or two

    The random restarts could be heat related, try checking all of your fans, case fans and cpu fan, and cleaning them if necessary, canned air works pretty well for blowing stuff off of the fans. You can also try leaving the cover off of the case and if that stops the restarts then most likely...
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    comp restarts after an hour or two

    Try using one of the online virus scanners:
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    Possible Browser Hijack attempt

    Napalm, I dont think you quite understand what my post was about. I have never had AOL on any of my computers. I have been on cable for over 6 years now, why would I want to screw that up with AOL? What I have had tho are those stupid Try AOL icons and links that are installed by other...
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    Separate DVI and VGA to one screen?

    As long as you have a switch that determines which feed is active on the monitor there should be no problem connecting two different machines since the monitor will only be receiving one feed at a time.
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    can't open hotmail!!

    I haven't had any problems with hotmail after installing SP2 so I suspect that something else is causing the problem.
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    Possible Browser Hijack attempt

    I just checked for updates on Ad-Aware, downloaded the update and then ran a scan. It found 3 instances of the following: "Vendor:Possible Browser Hijack attempt Category:Misc Object Type:File Size:150 Bytes Location:C:\...\xxxxxxx\Favorites\Free AOL & Unlimited Internet.url Last...
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    I Need Video Capture Card Advice!

    Winnov makes very good capture cards but they may be a little above your price range.
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    Laptop Memory who makes the best

    If you plan on adding the memory after you buy the laptop make sure that it has an empty slot before you buy it. Alot of laptop makers will put in two 256mb modules rather than one 512mb module which could limit your ability to add memory without replacing existing modules.
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    questions about Mail Clients & multiple POP/SMTP accounts

    Why not setup Thunderbird to access both of the e-mail accounts? I have two accounts setup with Thunderbird and it works fine. If that is too difficult for them to handle the Netscape mail client is very similar to thunderbird, so it is pretty easy to use Netscape for one and Thunderbird for...
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    suggestions for ADSL router

    The Netgear Model DG834G 54mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Router Combines modem, router, switch, 802.11g access point, and SPI True Firewall Up to 5X faster than 802.11b True Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) & Intrusion Control, Denial of Service (DoS), Virtual Private Network (VPN)...
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    Spyware & Adaware

    You might want to checkout SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard, they seem to do a pretty good job of blocking spyware before it installs.
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    What free program will split a big video file so I can put it on a CD.

    You can also use Windows Movie Maker II to convert the .avi file to .wmv which will be a much smaller file than the .avi. If the file is still too big to fit on a CD you can use Movie Maker to split the movie into as many parts as you want. Movie Maker is very easy to use...