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    IE and Spyware!

    Ok did you install winpatrol ? If so, right click on the dog, ( give him a bone or a biiscuit :) ) choose display IE helpers, have a close look, Leave the sdhelper, thats spybot, you probaly have an acro, thats acrobat reader. there maybe one from your virus killer as well. Anything...
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    IE and Spyware!

    All i have to say is Spybot first ( dont forget the immunize section amd the host file, you have to change to advanced mode to find it) here Winpatrol to let you know whats going on Here A smattering of a good firewall Here Finshed off with installing firefox :) Here Remember...
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    Ram making noise?

    Hmmmmmm, I bet the cheap ram is somehow interfering with your sound card and the noise is umpteen million transistors doing their job. I had an Amstrad 464, if you turned the sound right up you could here the processor working. :eek:
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    Need Help

    sounds like Theres nothing wrong with your install discs, theres nothing wrong with your hard drive Check your memory !!! Even just taking it out and putting it in again may help
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    please help with data loss.

    Have you been in windows event viewer and checked the system logs ?
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    Color ink cartridge draining?

    Sounds right to me, just stops the colour jets from drying out.
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    [WANTED] Blitzkrieg

    Dont you start ! Father Murphy had me in confession for four hours over this. 187 Hail marys left and then I'm forgiven ;)
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    [WANTED] Blitzkrieg

    EP, I tried PC world but sadly they sold all their copies :mad: Lee, I went on to your link and did some more poking about and found it for about half of the Amazon cost, so thanks very much and it should arrive tomorrow :D
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    can i get this any cooler? Wonder if he was referring to this ?
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    Is partitioning your harddrive bad?

    Well, the best and affordable advice I can give is to have all the programs on one drive, and the date on another. Then use a USB hard drive and a copy of Norton Ghost or Drive image. Simply make an image of each drive to the removable drive as often as you wish then shove it on a shelf in...
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    Immediate help needed!

    My moneys on a dry joint on the motherboard :p :)
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    Is partitioning your harddrive bad?

    Just to add some more ideas here Partitioning isn't inherently bad, very handy for backing up stuff in case of the dreaded reinstall. However, if you are constantly accessing those partition things will slow down Far better to have lots of hard drives ! If you can get away with it, buy...
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    XP opengl problem?

    Ye Gods !!! I've been playing MOH for over 3 Years !!! :eek: :eek:
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    Warm USB ports?

    I've seen them Hot, Thats when somebody put them on the worng way on the board and they promptly blew up when a device was plugged in Have you tested if they work ? :eek:
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    For you Smokers

    :D :D Steam roller to roll your own ?
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    For you Smokers

    Ta for the info, sadly it doesn't actually say what a british equivalent is, IE is tesco saver bleqach gonna cut the Mustard? ( or melt the plastic ! ) I have to, Wife and kids cant stand smoking in the house so I'm banished To The Garden, Still, gives a break every now and then :D
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    For you Smokers

    Well !!! thats like formatting yyou hard drive to fix a windows problem, it works but not actually getting to the point !
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    Mouse Scrolling Problems

    Heh, its fun digging around old posts, I occasionaly do a search for any with no replies and then Resurrect them just to see what happens :)
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    Networking query

    I dont know if this can be done Bit I can give you a firm answer ! Your Mad :p :D
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    For you Smokers

    Nice tip Lonman, Erm, what the hell is 1/2 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax Could someone translate that to British :confused: