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    Weird Problem with Recycle Bin - Help

    Yes, you will have to hit Enter after each line. Do you have a problem with the recycle bin? As far as I know with the newer versions of the VX2 malware, they do no longer put that desktop.ini into the recyclebin. You can check from a command prompt if there is a desktop.ini file cd \...
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    Hell from pbrrol.exe

    Certainly agree that BartPE is a very useful utility. Everyone should have such a cd. However I am a little bit in doubt whether it will solve your problem. Just deleting these files should be no problem using one of the utilities that delete files on reboot - Killbox, MoveOnBoot...
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    XPHome part of a domain?

    If you activate "Record Mode" in X-Setup it will write the changes directly to a reg file (provided the changes are made in the registry).
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    god damn spyware

    Your HijackThis log is clean.
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    god damn spyware

    First unzip HijackThis to its own folder. Don't run it directly from the zipfile. Download the trial version of Ewido Security Suite here: Install it, and update the definitions. Don't run a scan yet. Download Nailfix from here...
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    Missing Services...

    "Client for Microsoft Networks" - same place.
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    any info on RJdW.exe
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    Cannot remove entries in add/remove panel

    You are absolutely sure these entries are not listed in HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall? Did you check all the subkeys with the long alphanumeric numbers as well? Did you look in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall ?
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    Accessing User Account Menu from Run Prompt

    You can't create a power user in XP Home. Also Local Users and Groups (lusrmgr.msc) isn't available in Home Edition.
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    Problems with Thumbnails on Folders

    It's 4 in the morning here! lol :)
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    Problems with Thumbnails on Folders

    If I read it right you recommended to use the Customize tab. Didn't you? Btw by default Windows only saves the customizations of 400 folders. You'll have to change that if you want to customize more folders. That is not necessary if you use the folder.jpg file.
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    Problems with Thumbnails on Folders

    If you use the Customise tab the thumbnail to be used is stored in the registry. Often these keys become corrupted and the thumbnails show up at the wrongest places. Better way is to have a picture named folder.jpg inside the folder. Explorer will allways use this picture for the thumbnail view...
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    Can I sue N-Case? Spyware Knocked Out My Comp Twice!

    OK, try to sue a company that had $19,395,033.00 revenue in 2003. :angry: 180solutions, Inc. Address: 3600 136th Place SE City: Bellevue Province: WA ZIP Code: 98006 Country: USA
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    Scheduled Tasks

    Why is "Symantec DRMC" in Scheduled Tasks?
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    Our Favorite Tweaks

    for all
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    Our Favorite Tweaks

    Hi Perris, the /B switch has to go after "Start". The syntax is Start [parameters of the "start" command like /B /MIN etc] program or command [parameters of the program] example start /b "" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" /nohome /b is a switch of START, /nohome is...
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    How Do I Get Rid of THESE Files

    Zaphod, that's true in most cases. But... - some AV programs don't work in safe mode. - some malware programs do run even in safe mode - the latest Virtumondo variants for instance. Lspak.dll belongs to Virtumondo.
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    Opening new windows

    Open just one IE window - resize it - close it.
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    How Do I Get Rid of THESE Files

    Be very careful about that lspak.dll file. You may break your internet access. Download LSP-Fix and remove lspak.dll as "Layered Service Provider". Afterwards it should be possible to delete the file.
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    Weird Problem with Recycle Bin - Help

    Do you by chance also get random IE popups since the problem started? This recycle bin problem may be a side effect of a VX2 infection. Copy and paste this command into Start - Run: cmd /c more C:\Recycler\desktop.ini >> "%userprofile%\desktop\look.txt" That should create a file...