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    System Freezes on Standby Resume

    It accuallys has to do with your MOBO and MS. There is no real fix for that. Only thing I can say is change the mobo but that is probly not going to happen. To be honest there is no settings to fix it usualy. Try going to MS web site support section and look through there or your MOBO...
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    Scared of Heights

    Man I suck best I got was 291 :(
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    Where did all the members go?

    LOL no man people do have lives and such + because of the change some mabye STILL dont know about the new addy :P
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    I waaaaaant!

    U know your an irc addict when :D *points Upwards* And ya that's a sweet looking ride.
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    Thought I'd pop in and say hi~

    allo allo allo
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    +1 fan = 10dC difference????

    Change your fans at 3000rpm u shouldent hear noise on alot of the newer fans out there. Mine run all diffrent levels and no noise and i paid nothing for them. (Well hardly anything for them :)
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    heatsink and fan for pentium 4

    The prob with the pic is it is a Retail fan that comes with the CPU not Every pc store carrys those to sell by itself. But ya basically same idea. The clips are all the same on a standard heat sink for a p4 they havent change the p4 sizing that i know of or if they have i must have been in...
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    heatsink and fan for pentium 4

    Dude all you have to buy is a standard P4 heat sink for the new mobo. Thats it. Dell is what u call a MONOPOLY company and make things so that you have to buy the replacment parts from them ONLY! Basically go to any pc shop and ask for a p4 heat sink thats it. Usually go for a good one if u...
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    Replacing Hew-Pac OS question

    Ya for any majore brand name labtop the drivers will be listed on thier web sites. I sell these things and do service on em so. As for the OS it doesn't matter what you use. As long as it is 2k or up. As for a S3 chipset the driver is on their main page. Just need to know what chipset it is...
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    Great to be here!

    Welcome man, Umm aint the admin of neowin named voodoo? :P any hoo its a good place to chill.
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    audigy 2 showing as audigy 1?

    Might be cause u need newest drivers or need to reinstall them.
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    Longhorn Demo Video's

    Im liking these vids. Wonder what program is it to take vid of the desktop i see in the videos? :P
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    Which search engine is best?

    Google Period.
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    Asus A7V266-E

    AMD in general runs hot. The voltage is probly why the temp is increasing a little bit but its nothing to be concerned about as 50 degreese is avrg.
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    UT2004 with headset

    Its not hard order it off / .ca Me and my buddy did. :P
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    3dmark03 cpu question

    3dMark is basically a Video Card bench test. I have seen P2's hit high scores and low end systems. You need to run their hardware benchmark program.
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    Who owns NTFS?

    LOL americans cant tell brits from aussies. Not that hard :P But Im a Canick so I got my work cut out for me :P
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    Which Laptop?

    Emachine owned by Gateway now so. Emachines are crap man always have. Like I said Toshiba Toshiba Toshiba. PERIOD :P
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    How do I format 200 or 250 hdd

    Accually what partition are you running too? If its Fat 32 that also could be why it has to be NTFS.
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    Speaker | Creative Vs Logitech

    Ok this is gettin funny we have more names of manufactures comming out all over the place. As for speakers Wood has the BEST sound if you know about building boxes for cars and such. You want a sweet set you gotta buy from a home audio place period. Pay out of the butt but meh you want...