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    June 2006 Desktop Screenshots

    nice bman, tell me can you get Suse to update? cuzz I can't for the life of me.
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    Fried Cpu!?!?!

    The cpu shouldn't have burned out from heat, but a surge could have done it. The Athlon 64's have thermal protection. Do you have any spare parts laying around? ram, video card, ect? Also did you damage the cpu when you where pulling it off the heatsink fan? are all the pins still intact? you...
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    opera download cap

    Okay so here is a grab of me downloading the same image from the same place and in opera it was dividing itself every time I downloaded a new image so from 31 to 15 down to 10 Now I have the same image from the same site downloading to a different location with firefox and its going at...
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    May 2006 Desktop Screenshots

    She be a fastback. I dunno why it shrunk my picture it said if it was under a meg it wouldn’t but it did anyways, filthy lien hobbits!!! I mean photobucket.. The 240sx is actually about to get a new motor and a new turbo put in, the motor is on a truck somewhere headed to the shop. My...
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    May 2006 Desktop Screenshots

    Suse 10.1 running on my fs660 vaio the original res was 1280x800 but photobucket made it smaller. deskgrab.jpg
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    Windows Maintenance Apps

    I agree with leejend, I use registry mechanic on clients computers all the time I have yet to have it cause a problem.
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    opera download cap

    I've noticed in the newest release of opera no matter what is being downloaded or how many things being downloaded it will never go above 30kb/s. Now I've looked through the settings/preferences and I can't seem to find anything to do with this invisible cap. Does anyone know the deal on this or...
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    does anyone use / have used anapod explorer for there ipod.

    there is a plugin for winamp that does these same things isn't there? I dont know I sold my ipod and haven't looked into it much since then.
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    XP locks up, and I'm out of things to try

    cpu could be over heating open your case up and check your heat sink for dust build up I had this problem with my computer a few weeks ago I pulled a sheet of dust and lint off the top of my radiator that looked like it came out of a lint trap in a dryer.
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    A guy walking down the street

    HAHAHA man thats sooo good
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    Computer Case Project finished!

    nice job with the design but wood?..... wood doesn't conduct heat very well seems like it would get hot pretty quick.
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    Grand Rapids Car Show Pictures

    haha there not all bad calm down. :)
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    Lamarr's big day

    HAHA thats great.
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    Grand Rapids Car Show Pictures

    gebus kid you have alzheimer's or what? haha and yes that is a vett :)
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    You Can Quote Me On This!

    well god and me of course.... haha kidding
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    HAHAHAHA thats the best part.
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    Xbox disc player thingy...

    that was sarcasm btw unless u wanna sell it to me for 50 bucks then by all means do so.
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    Xbox disc player thingy...

    nahhh dont get a new drive... sell your xbox to me for 50 bucks.
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    Has Intel lost IT?

    yah this sin't really news.... Intel is leasing 64bit tech from AMD because they dont want to develop there own. it would put them way behind AMD if they did. But this isn't anything new with those two companys AMD leased some tech back in the k6-II and K6-III days from intel. course those...