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    Web host

    In my opinion blue host and host gator are best for you.They can handle if you get more traffic and much faster than others although everyone have their own opinion.
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    Im Gonna be painting my house today :)

    Well i think you are promoting the paint company because you only post the paint box here not the painting pictures of your house.
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    Free 2013 desktop calendar

    Well that's so cool thing but i cant understand the purpose to built it because many operating systems providing the calender option as the gadgets.
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    Windows 8 Hell. I really need help.

    Window 8 created many problem for me. When i install it on my laptop than first it tiered me to install the simple drivers and than it tiered me to install simple applications like Skype, so than i decided that i will remove it and install window 7 again.
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    Template Design Resources

    I am working in php and i don't know much about the tool which you are talking about. After read it i see the details on Google and i have found many good templates related to your requirement. I want to paste link here but i dont know how can i do that. melbourne graphic designing
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    Best graphic format, JPEG, PNG, GIF?

    Well all of these are good but i think JPEG is the best in graphic point of view, but also the problem is that the picture become heavy in this format also there are some conditions in different programs where we have to follow the instructions just as we can only use JPEG or Gif etc. melbourne...
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    Hey all

    Hello everyone, I am new here in this forum. I always like to explore new things and I found this forum just two days before and I got a lot of information then I decide to join this forum. I think such forums are really nice platform for getting and sharing new ideas and thoughts. I hope...