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    outlook 2002 problem, send/receive task

    Hi, 1.when doing a send/receive I get two task doing the same thing. see attachment. Anyone know what this is? 2. Also I get duplicated mail from time to time. These mail is from different users. Setup: Win Xp prof. outlook 2002. The mail is coming from our server and is routed thru...
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    Windows installer error

    Hi, When I try to install software I get an windows installer error: Unexpected error. Tried to run msiexec /unregister but get the same error. So, now what??? :confused:
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    Got myself a new mouse... Don't know what to say really...or if this mouse says it all. ... but as y'all noticed.. the glass is NOT broken.... :p Actually, its a gimmick from a pharmaceutical company
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    Outlook preview pane

    Hi, How can I turn of preview pane for all folders in Outlook (2002). In OE it's quite easy, it's either on or off. But, in outlook it seems you'll have to do it for each folder. And since I'll have to do this remote on a 192k line (weee) on several computers, it would save me a lot of...
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    Disable cdrw in XP

    Hi, is there a way to disable cdrw in XP? Got an cdrw in a laptop, and want this to only be used as a cdrom. No cdrw osftware is installed. It's because of an security issue. Sims
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    Zone Alarm pro

    I use zone alarm pro. And have decided to not have it run on startup (it used to before) ie, I'll start the program manually. But when I updated msn messenger I can't login anymore. (to msn mess.) Says there is no connection. But there is no problem surfing the internet or running p2p...
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    Big hard disk in Win XP

    Bid hard disk in Win XP Hi, are there any size limit for hard drives in XP? Heard somthing about 137Gb. :confused:
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    Outlook Express

    Hi, I've set up a computer with 5 users (win xp pro) Each user has mydoc on the E:\my docs. (so my doc is like a common area) And in outlook the mail is using E:\my doc\mail as storage place. All users has it like this. With the same mail adr. but different mail name. Works like a common...