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    how to get HEADPHONES connected to my V3m

    I want to use my v3m as a MP3 player. Included with the phone was the EMU connector thing, but I think its the one meant for a NONBLUETOOTH headset, not headphones. Where can I get one for headphones?
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    v3m driver woes....

    Does anyone else have to install the driver just about EVERY time they connect their phone to the computer? For some reason every time I connect my phone to the computer (and say restart the computer or something) I always have to re-install the driver. I says "new device" every time. Once I...
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    Questions about my V3M

    I have seemed editied my V3M already, as I did with my old are the questions I have, I have a feeling I am going to be dissapointed with your answers, but I figured I would ask anyway. I just picked up a 256mb minicard....I was hoping by adding this I can hold more ringtones and...
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    v3m and h500 headset....won't work???

    So my V3C died and they sent me a VCM as a replacement....kick ass. So far I hacked it for data transfers and thats it. The phone works great otherwise. When I purchased my V3C I baught the bluetooth kit thingy....I got a Moto-h500 headset. It worked fine with my V3C..... I cannot get thing to...
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    My v3c died so they sent me a V3M.....a few questions about it. What type of memory card do I need for this thing? Does it need to be hacked like the v3c to transfer pics and ringtones?
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    Inspiron 8200 screen issues! Please help.

    I have an older Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop (p4 1.7). It has been nothing but great to me until recently. About 3 months ago this would sometime happen: -I close the lid, and when I open the lid the screen stays black. It did this maybe once a week, maybe 1 every two weeks, not often enough for...
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    I really would like a vibrate and ring feature and I have read that you can hack it in the .04 hardware.....can anyone gimme a write up on how to do it!?? I need this feature!!!!!! Thanks ahead of time!