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    Program still in Add/Remove Programs after uninstallation

    Title says it all...The program is Knights of the Old do I get rid of it? ~JM
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    Checking e-mail from MSN Messenger

    So yesterday I began my attempt at switching to FireFox, and I've run into a snag...I use MSN Messenger, and there's a link where I can open up a browser to access my Hotmail account...the problem is, it opens up IE6 every time. I've set FireFox as my default browser, but I don't know what else...
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    WMP10 Library Arrangement Question

    Hey folks, First of all, WMP10 rocks. :D Now the issue. I like to organize my music in there by album title. Only problem is, it seems to want to do it in an order that I don't like. For example, It places The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack below The Return of the...
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    AVI to SVCD

    What application is best for making an AVI file into a SVCD? Anything easy/free? :) ~JM
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    Microsoft Font

    Does anyone know what the font that Microsoft uses on its homepage graphics and product packaging is called? A guy in another forum mentioned "Sedoe UI" as the font, but I couldn't find anything about it anywhere. All help is appreciated. :) ~JM
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    Logitech Media Mouse

    This concept is awesome. If only they could combine the media buttons on this mouse with the Lazer of the MX1000 and throw a cord on there...I'd buy that contraption in a heartbeat! Woo! ~TR
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    3DMark05 problem

    Whenever I try running the 3DMark tests, the program gives me this error: IDDirect3DDevice9::CreatePixelShader failed: Invalid call (D3DERR_INVVALIDCALL) I'm running a Ti4600 with the latest official drivers and DirectX 9.0c. Can anyone help me out with this thing? ~TR
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    Searching for a font...

    I was wondering if anyone knows what font the folks at the Geek Squad use? I really, really like it and I wanted to use it in some of my own things... Any help here is much appreciated! :D ~JM
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    Creating hi-res graphics

    I'm not sure if it's possible, but is there any way (using any kind of program) to make a graphic a higher resolution? I'm using a logo for some letterhead and I need to resize it to a larger picture, but when I do it gets all blurry an' stuff. So can it be done? Any help is GREAT. :D ~JM
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    From OE to Hotmail

    So I normally use the web version of Hotmail for all my e-mailing needs (until someone gets nice enough to invite me to Gmail! Any takers?) but I decided to try going through Outlook Express just to see how it was. Well, it turns out that I didn't like it very much, but I've run into a...
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    Sandra Standard vs. Pro

    I can't find anything on the web about the differences between these two, and I'm trying to decide whether to drop the bucks for the Pro version. Any help here, guys? ~JM
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    So after I've installed Doom 3 on my machine and try to run it, all I get is the groovy spalsh screen and nothing else. It just stays there. After waiting about 5 minutes to make sure that it wasn't going to start, I tried using other applications, and they ran fine, which to me says that Doom 3...
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    Icon Text

    Is there a way to make certain icons not have text beneath them? I'm thinking mainly my desktop icons, since I know what they are and I don't really need the words underneath. :) ~JM
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    MP3 Playback volume

    Some of my MP3 files play at a much lower volume level than some others. Why is this? Is there a way to fix this? If I need to re-rip some things, that's fine, but I'd like to know how to rip them properly in WMP9 so that this doesn't happen again. :) ~JM
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    Firewire/IDE Security Device

    I was looking around on Newegg's website and I came across a pretty cool device: It's an adapter and PCI card that attaches to your IDE hard drive. It came with two IEEE1394 6-pin "keys". Basically, you had to have one of the keys plugged into the PCI card it comes with to unlock the PC to...
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    Logitech Mice

    Alright, So right now I have the Logitech Dual Optical Mouse. I'm considering getting the new Logitech Performance MX510 (Blue) Mouse when it arrives here in town. But a technician buddy of mine said that the Dual Optical is still faster based upon the types of "eyes" that it's using...
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    Ripping to MP3 in WMP9

    I'm trying to re-rip all my music into MP3 format vs. wma, but WMP9 only seems to want to rip it in WMA. Is there a plug-in or other file that I can use to do this? I want to do everything in WMP9, because I'm a stickler for using what I'm comfortable with. :P I'm doing this because I won an...
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    Dual Layer DVD Writers

    So what's the scoop here? I've heard that some companies are set to release writers that support dual-layer discs. Is this true? Anyone know of manufacturers and potential dates/prices of release of these drives? Inquiring minds want to know! ~JM
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    .bin/.cue/.iso files

    A friend of mine wrote some CD's for me, backing up some of my hard-to-find software. Only problem is, he backed them up to the CD's as .bin/.cue, and some as .iso. I don't have a CD burner, so how can I "get" to these programs when I need to? Thanks. ~JM
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    WMP9 Album Art

    I was wondering how (if?) it is possible to change the "Album Art" in the "Now Playing" info center in WMP9. Basically I've got a lot of CD's (game soundtracks, mostly) that I ripped onto my PC but the album art wasn't ever loaded into Microsoft's little album database. Therefore, I have this...