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    Shares multiple folders through a script

    Hey, can anyone give any help in as to how to create a script that will share all folders within a given folder. An example of what I mean would be say in a school where each student has a home folder under their year group, how could I share all these folders individually without having to do...
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    Assign Printer on Location

    How could one assign a user printers based on location. At the moment I can assign printers to everyone which is not always convenient. E.g.Printers in the English department can be seen from a user in the Art department. How can i assign printers that are relevant to where the user is located...
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    Shut Down PC's Remotely

    Is their a script or such that can be created to shut down PC's running XP Pro from a Windows Server 2003 domain controller. If so what should they look like? thnx
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    Remove audio from .avi file

    I got a video of Mobys Why does my heart feel so bad and was wonderin how I could remove the auido from the video as the current is a shortened version and doesnt reach all the way to the end of the track, so a portion is in silence. I have the .mp3 of the song and was wonderin if that could...
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    How to create a User Profile Template

    Well, how does one go about this procedure?, Saw it mentioned in a post by kcnychief in the last thread here but nothing on the creation of one. Also what are the benefits, if a an account has problems, could I refresh it with the template? Thnx
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    Misplacing Drives

    I have a reocurring problem with Server 2003 SP2 in that it forgets to assign letters to the partitions on my PC and my external drive. Normally the drives are intact and I can assign letters through Computer Management but I know that there must be some problem along the way if Server misses...
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    Found my first bug in Vista

    Go to Reliability and Performance Monitor>View>Cutomize the "X" does not close the Window Gonna report it tomorrow during office hours. A simple but very annoying bug If anyone else finds any bugs go to:
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    GeForce 6200 on a nForce3 250 Motherboard

    GeForce 6200 on a nForce3 250 Motherboard (more info) Motherboard: CPU Type AMD Sempron, 2000 MHz (10 x 200) 3300+ Motherboard Name MSI K8N Neo (MS-7030) (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DDR DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN)...
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    Major Hard Disk Problem -corruption

    Hi, I was just gonna install Xp afresh so I decided to also get ridof the two test servers I had on a multiboot system, however while Partition Magic 8 was working it moved the partition with My Documents on it, something must have gone wrong maybe a power cut, any way, I rebooted to find My...
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    HELP NEEDED emergency on iPod

    my iPod which I purchased back in June 28th last year has just currently stopped communicating with my computer, it no longer shows up in iTunes when plugged in, and any music that I can copy across to it is wiped as soon as it's disconnected. I was wondering, would Currys have to give me a...
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    Another Logon Script Problem

    Ive just been messing around with Windows Server 2003 with group policy etc. and was wonderin how to make both a network connection to the users documents and a shared area appear in My Computer as network drives when the user logs on. Curently I have to do it manually when I logon using...
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    Shadow copy in XP Pro

    I was wondering if it's possible to enable the shadow copy ability to a stand alone Windows XP Professional machine, and if so, what do I need?
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    Interactive Logon

    I have been testing Windows Server 2003 and have it configured as a Domain Controller and was wondering if it was possible for the group "Users" to be able to logon to the server, I get the message "The local security policy prevents you frm logging on interactively" my reason is that I'm at...
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    Group Policy in Windows XP Pro

    Hey I'm new here and have one question i can't seem to get around. I would like to use group policy to restrict other users (family members) from windows settings but when i try using it on my standalone machine, it affects everyone, including myself, how can i get it to affect only the other...