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    No Ping, Tracert, Ipconfig

    I guess I install some crappy program and it messed up some envir variables. I googled it a bit, but I am afraid I will really mess something up. Here is my path: %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\AGL;C:\Program...
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    Power of Together - Free Vista / Office 2007

    Heres some screenshots. Not the most exciting but I haven't had the time to actually mess around with it that much. As Tuffgong4 said it's going to take some time to learn where everything is again. Everything is pretty customizable though.
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    Power of Together - Free Vista / Office 2007

    I got my Office 07 key today in the mail. No disk but a site to download it from along with a key to activate it.
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    HijackThis Log

    I would reformat. Its the biggest pain to try and clean a system of a deep spyware and virus problem like this. Its seems to be very much rooted into the system making it very hard to clean. Plus if you reformat then you can be 100% sure theres no virus/trojans/spyware as long as you immediately...
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    Rainbow 6 Lockdown

    Well, yeah I played the demo and i thought it was a good game so far and the graphics are appealing.
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    Do you mean it can't launch or no servers are coming up in the server browse? I know i have been having a problem that no servers are showing up in the server browser when I am in game so I have to use the out of game server browser to find servers.
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    Rainbow 6 Lockdown

    This game looks really good at max settings.
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    Steam sucks?

    This happend with my x2 cpu also. I followed this and made sure my ram timings were set correctly and that fixed it. I also deleted my counter-strike source folder in the steamapps folder and did gcf verification. link Hope that helps.
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    The Multi-Core/Multi-Processor Club

    Re: AMD 64-bit Dual Core Processor Club Just setup my new system also. Had some major problems at 1st but in the end it was all my fault. I had the ram running in 1 channel when it should have been running in dual channel. So 1 stick in each channel now and everything is fine. Hence the name...
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    Logitech's answer to Razer Copperhead

    Storing profiles for the mouse.
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    much faster wi fi connection

    The pictures on the auction don't work but look at the site. haha look at all the complex math.
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    Irc shell

    Its not like I am using it because people are going to ddos me. Yeah its a nice security feature so people can't get my ip but I like that it takes messages when I am gone. Looks like pyroshells no longer exists.
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    Irc shell

    Ok maybe I'll see.
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    Irc shell

    Hmm thats kinda far from me. Thanks though.
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    IP Address Management

    I don't know if this would help but theres this site called It gives you a url for other people to connect to and then the person runs a program on their system and it keeps track of the persons ip by relaying it to the no-ip site. Maybe you can some how incorporate that into ip tracking.
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    Logitech's answer to Razer Copperhead

    I really want to get this Razer copperhead. I have a logitech mx510 but the copperhead looks really nice. $80 though. -32KB Onboard Memory for storing profiles -2000 dpi -1st mouse to utilize Full Speed (12Mbps) USB -dummy buttons incase you dont like those side buttons Gamespot THG Cnet...
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    Irc shell

    I was wondering if anyone is willing to set me up with a simple psybnc account on their irc shell. I friend let me use his a while ago and its just very nice to have since I can log off and it takes messages for me. It woulden't be a major load on the box since I would only be connected to maybe...
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    Free 32Mb memory key

    Aw link isent working anymore.
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    Tsunami Warning

    Tsunami warning canceled and I am in San diego.,2933,159596,00.html This is a good site
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    Guild Wars Plunge Taken

    1st rpg I have ever played and I am hooked. I used to hate rpg's and was strictly fps games mostly cs but I haven't played cs in at least a week or so. As you can see from my xfire profile haha. Yeah its a good game. Still looking forward to Battlefield 2 though.