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    No Ping, Tracert, Ipconfig

    I guess I install some crappy program and it messed up some envir variables. I googled it a bit, but I am afraid I will really mess something up. Here is my path: %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\AGL;C:\Program...
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    Irc shell

    I was wondering if anyone is willing to set me up with a simple psybnc account on their irc shell. I friend let me use his a while ago and its just very nice to have since I can log off and it takes messages for me. It woulden't be a major load on the box since I would only be connected to maybe...
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    Take the Leap?

    It seems it is that time again Windows xp gets messed up and eventally needs to be reformated every now and then. Right now I am running regular 32 bit windows xp pro and I am getting errors in event viewer and chkdsk looping which seems to never go away no matter what I try. (even a solution...
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    Fonts Problem

    Fixed it. If your wondering how I fixed it I booted up my laptop using a program called erd commander. Copied the font files onto my thumb drive and .reg file for fonts located in hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows nt/current version/font then i loaded up erd commander on my...
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    Proxy Question

    Is there any type of program that will hook into another program and tunnel it into a proxy. Like if the program doesnt support proxys is there something that would hook into it? Thanks
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    RH linux and asus a7n8x

    I just started with redhat and dont know that much about it. I have an asus a7n8x deluxe and I cant get the built in nic on it to work. I got the rpm from the nvidia site and I am guessing it installed fine since i just double clicked it and it said installing. I restarted and I dident see it...
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    Stop Errors

    My computer has been freezing latley and I got this blue screen with a stop error and memory dump. I looked it up on microsoft knowledge base heres the link. Click Here I looked in my event viewer and I saw a couple of these. "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a...
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    bouncing logo screensaver

    i have windows xp pro and i know you can put in ur own texture for 3d flying object for flag. but i dont want it to be a flag and i just want my logo to bounce around the screen. i could have sworn windows had that built in but i guess not. so do any of u know where i can download a screensaver...
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    reviews/comments/deals on shuttle xpc

    ive been looking around for a deal on a shuttle xpc system. ive seen some on newegg refurbished ones which i guess is ok. any shuttle SN45G or better than that is what ive heard are good and what im thinking about getting. also if you guys have a shuttle xpc / sff pc or have any reviews/comments...
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    event viewer warning

    For a while now I have been getting random freezes on xp pro, I have reformated in the past because of this and it seems its starting to happen again. It usally happens when I open IE or just surfing the internet. I remember in the past before I formated I would sometimes see this in the event...
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    Port Scan

    I did a port scan on my ip and found these ports open which I find suspicious. I do have a router. TCP: **.**.**.** [80-www-http] TCP: **.**.**.** [110-pop3] TCP: **.**.**.** [2468-qip-msgd] TCP: **.**.**.** [5678-rrac] TCP: **.**.**.** [6688] I know 80 and 110 are normal but I lookd...
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    hardcano not reading

    On my Thermaltake v1000A the front temps are reading. I've had this case for about 5 months and havent had a problem with it the temps were reading fine. Now I just happend to notice its reading dashes like this - - -. I have checked to make sure the probe is still under the cpu and not crush...
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    weird looking my computer icon

    I dont know how this happend but my "my computer" icon is looking weird. I know how to change it back and I do but then once i restart its back to this again. Anyone know how to get it to stay. Heres what it looks like.