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    Outlook Query [Days are bold when no appointment is set]

    Hi there, In Outlook 2003, under Calendar's tab, the dates are usually bold if there are appointments being set. However, in my case, I find that some of the dates are bold despite there being no appointments scheduled and the day is empty. Does anyone knows where is the error and how to fix...
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    Print Difference

    Hi guys .. I have a problem with my print out. My system is running on Windows XP and I am using Adobe PDF Reader 8.0 to view my pdf files. Previously, I was using HP 2300N to print my documents and now I've switched to Samsung ML-4050N after the previous printer broke down. What I found to be...
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    Memory installation

    Hi guys .. I'd just like to confirm which slot should I install my memory module. For your information, the mainboard is a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L and the memory consist of 2 piece Kingston DDR2 1GB memory each. 1st memory module is double-sided while 2nd memory module is single-sided. On...
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    Copy CD Error

    Hello .. I am currently using CDBurnerXP version and mostly I do CD copying. However, I have this problem whereby to CDBurnerXP is unable to complete the copy during the 1st time displaying the error message below. If this happen and I re-do the copying process again, it will work...
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    Network Connection Problem

    Hi guys .. Sorry but it seems I have another problem. Currently, my notebook PC is running Vista SP1, and the wireless driver is using Intel 4965AG version dated 13 March 2008. Problem is the wireless will be working ok, and out of sudden loses connectivity and shows "Limited...
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    --== Thumbnail not working on NAS ==--

    Hi guys .. I have a slight problem here. Hope someone could help me out. What I basically wanted is to enable thumbnail. However, if a file is stored on my local hard drive, the thumbnail works alright. Once the file is transferred onto the NAS, the thumbnail will not appear but instead just...
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    --== Vista with 4GB RAM ==--

    Hi guys .. can't seem to figure out what is the problem here. I have a notebook that has 2 pieces of 2GB installed in the system. In BIOS, the memory is registered as 4GB but when windows Vista boot, it can only register 3GB. Any idea where is the problem...
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    --== IE7.0 Crashing ==--

    Hello guys ... For some reasons, my IE7.0 keeps crashing everytime I click on the "X" button to close the browser. A quick check in the Event Viewer reveals the below:- - <Event xmlns=""> - <System> <Provider Name="Application...
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    No more hibernation mode

    Hello .. May I ask please in my Vista, somehow I can't find the option to set my notebook to hibernation when I close my lide. There is a few options:- 1. Do nothing 2. Shut down 3. Sleep But just no hibernation. Any idea why and how to re-enable hibernation mode please? Many thanks...
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    Fonts problem

    Hello .. I am currently using O2 Atom Exec and sync the device with my notebook a lot. On my notebook I am still using Microsoft Office 2002 and my problem is whenever I create a task or a new appointment on my outlook (notebook), the fonts are different from my O2 Atom Exec. Situation 1...
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    Uninstall Microsoft Office

    Hi guys .. I recently bought a new notebook from IBM / Lenovo only to find out that the manufacturer has bundled in Microsoft Office and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Truth to be told, I am not a Microsoft Office user and would like to uninstall it from my system. Unfortunately when I click on...
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    FAT32 Format

    ello .. I am not sure if this is the right place to post but sorry if it is not. I would like to check if there is any hard disk size limitation in using FAT32? As I have not been using FAT32 for a long time, I am unable to recall. Wat I would like to do is to format my 80GB & 120GB 2.5"...
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    Sunbelt / Kerio Personal Firewall

    Hi there .. I'm wandering if any current sunbelt / kerio personal firewall users out there could provide me with some feedback on how is the software doing now? Is it good? What about the resources or performance? Or any other recommendations?
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    A question about processors...

    Hi guys .. I am getting myself a new PC for the purpose of playing games, photo editing and web building. Some of the applications that I could think of as below:- 1. Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Game) 2. Silent Hunter 4 (Game) 3. Command & Conquer (Haven't release yet - Game) 4. Adobe...
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    VPN Out (Kerio)

    Hi guys .. I keep getting this message on my computer. Says .. Kerio Virtual Private Network is seeking for outgoing connection. I am not too sure what it is or what it means .. anybody has any tips please? :rolleyes:
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    Alternative to WinAmp

    Hi guys .. I have been using WinAmp but would like to check if there are any alternatives out there besides WinAmp? I am just looking to play my mp3 files and nothing fancy but would like to have the good quality sound of WinAmp. Thanks.
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    Looking for an Mp3 Editor

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am just looking for a freeware software that can help me edit an mp3 file. Basically the file is 5:26 minutes in length, I would like to trim off the middle part and join in towards the end. Can anyone help pls? Thanks.
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    Wireless Connectivity Problem

    Dear all, I have a setup a wireless network at home with details below:- Router: Linksys WAG354G Encryption: WEP (Since this model only has WEP and not WPA) MAC Filtering: On Mode: Mix G & B DHCP: On On my network, I have a notebook that I use personally, and my hp iPaq which is all...
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    How to initialize Security Platform in Bios (TPM)

    Hi guys, I have a Samsung Notebook, model X50. The model comes with TPM feature but I can't seem to enable the Security Platform module. Try as I could in the BIOS, can't seem to find this option to enable or disable it. I have upgrade the firmware to version. 10Z recently so I am not...
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    Linksys WAG54G

    Hi guys .. I'm planning to get the Linksys WAG54G wireless ADSL modem router but i have one unit in the office and it doesn't seem to be pretty stable. What do you guys think? Any feedback on this unit? I need an ADSL modem what comes with built in wireless router function and switch in...