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    Sound problem with acer aspire 1640.

    Hello guys, My girldfriend has a laptop problem. When she is playing music from any source, the sound is all jerky. Even when windows starts, it's all buggy & jerky. Altough I formated & reinstalled XP with all the drivers given by Acer, the problem is still there... My first thought was the...
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    Internet problem with windows only...

    Hello, I have windows XP installed for more than 6 months and never had a problem on my Macbook CD. But recently, my internet on the windows side as been acting up ... When I log on in Windows, the first 10 minutes, I can surf the web and chat in MSN without any problem. But after, I can't go...
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    Distrorted Sound when playing games, or videos

    Hello again ! Guess what ? Yes, I'm back with another problem :nervous:. This time, it's ... the sound ! Ok ... here's the problem: As I posted on another thread, I had problems with my DVD and video crashing. But it wasnt only the video ... there was sound too. When the crashing occured, the...
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    Front Panel and Motherboard Question

    Hello, When I built my computer , I bought a really nice case, the Enermax CS-656-TA. It has some a front panel with 2 USB, 1 Mic, 1 headphone, and 1 firewire. I would like to know if I could use this panel with my motherboard : SuperMicro 370DLE. If yes, is there any picture or instruction...
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    Computer freezes when putting a dvd movie

    Hello, I've been running a computer for some time now. This computer is in the living room and used as a media center. I used to play DVDs with my PS2 but since I moved the console in my bedroom, I have to play DVDs thru the DVD reader of the computer. But it won't play DVDs... well not for a...
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    How to know if your mobo runs dual proc.

    I've been running a Dual P3 800 mhz with a SuperMicro 370DLE with 768 megs (just added 512) for a while now. It runs Win2k without any problems, but when I open the task manager, under the performance tab, I only see 1 processor, but my brother told me I should be seeing 2. I found very strange...
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    Default Network Setting in Win2k

    Hi, I have just changed my home router from a Microsoft MN-500 to a D-Link DI-624. I have the main computer running WinXp that is working fine, but the other computer, which is running Win2k (connected via cable), is unable to access to the internet nor the network. Is there a way to reset...
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    CMOS Problem

    Hello guys, I have been building up a computer for me and I'm going thru a problem. When I boot the computer, the bios starts, I see the cpu speed and memory check and everything. It seems normal. But the screen after, there is the problemem. It was written : CMOS problem or w/e. So I checked...
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    Power Supply + Dual P3

    Hello, I'm currently building a MP P3 800 mhz system. I was wondering if my current power supply (250W Brand: High power) would be enough to run the 2 processors, a 370DLE motherboard, 2-3 PCI cards, a 40 gb HDD, CD ROM, floppy. Thanks Agurri
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    No video when booting

    'lo I bought a new motherboard for my old computer. It is a SuperMicro 370DLE with an Intel Celeron 600 in it. I installed the mobo without any major problem and it's booting. The CPU's fan is running and I hear the HDD spinning, but no video. I tested it with 2 video cards which are both...
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    Computer Hardware is acting weird.

    hey guys, I just receive from a friend a Celeron 600 with 192 MB or ram. No hard drive would be installed so I found a 2GB Maxtor to put in it. Before doing so, I removed everything to clean the case, and reinstalled everything properly. But here comes the problem : The system won't boot. It...
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    Best for the buck

    I'm currently building a computer for my friend and now has come to time to choose the best vid card for him. His budget for the video card is between US$ 150 and 220 .... He would like to be able to play games such as Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 ... indeed :) So, can you guys help me out ?
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    Personnal Server Howto build

    Hi guys, In some days, weeks or months, I would like to make a website for my friend and I. I looked over the internet for some free hosting compagnies, such as geocities and others, but I didn't like them. So, I came with the idea of getting a second computer, and make a server with it. I...