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    Need Software to Wipe Hard Drive Clean

    Is there any software out there that will wipe a hard drive completly clean? if so what is it? thanks for your help.
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    Does anyone here use a PS2 with a Router

    To play games online? I have a linksys router that i connect my ps2 with to play online. i have a very hard time connecting. Everytime i test the conection it says its good. But when i try to initalize the network it takes about 10 or so trys to connect... I've talked to Linksys (they don't...
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    has anyone ever gotten this error before. It pops up almost daily now on my pc and it causes the computer to shut down. I have run virus scans and even downloaded the tool from microsoft to see if this machine has the Sasser Virus but nothing... i'm at my wits end.. it is causing major...
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    I've lost My abilty to alt + Ctrl + Del and get to task manager

    I can not get into task manager when i do alt,ctrl,del i get the little icon in the tray but when i goto click it it dissappears and i can't get it to open to do anything.. anyone have any ideas?/
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    Question for you all

    anyone here ever heard of a DDE server??? I keep having to manually shut this down i restart my pc..???? i looked in the task manger and didn't see anything out of the ordinary?? anyone have an idea what it might be? Thanks as always...
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    I have a Virus on my PC

    I have a trojan backdoor virus and when avg shows me the location of the dll fille i can't get to it cause its hidden.. I've run AVG several times the virus only shows up after reboot. during normal virus scan it doesn't show up. Anyone know how i can get rid of this? Thanks,
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    How many here run Leak tests

    On your systems where do you goto run your tests and if so how often do you check you firewalls and protection devices?
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    I think i already know the answer.. My machine is running XP i have the hard drive partitioned Into 2 drives I used to have a dual boot with XP and 2000 but i got rid of 2000. Now i want the dual boot back.. Can I installl 2000 without losing any data?? I know how to create the dual boot...
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    I have a Trojan i can't get rid of

    I've never had a virus i couldn't clean or get off my system... the virus/corrupted file/program is called Optimized.exe.... i can't get this off of my system.. I just changed anti virus programs from Norton to AVG and avg found about 8 virus's that i didn't even know i had on my machine.. it...
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    Having a problem

    I came home today to find my browser open to a porn site.... i had closed everything down last night can someone tell me why the browser opened on its own with a pop up like that???? I ran spybot and thought i was clean apparently not.. any suggestions....
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    Anyone Use FIX IT 4.0??

    For those that don't know what it is its an all in one fix it program it has lots of nice tools to use to tweak your machine. Comes with a nice anti virus program that stays constantly updated.. (new updates almost weekly ) and severall other tools Anyone who's used it or is using it please...
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    Best file backup programs..

    Can i have your opinions on back up programs. I don't normally back up but i think its time i start before i'm left high and dry one day ...
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    Web Email Question

    Question, Which in your opinions is the safest online web based email service? Can Emails be traced even if they are sent thru an online email service (ie yahoo or Hotmail) thanks,
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    norton personal firewall detected this

    this was what i got as a message Invalid TCP Flags what does this mean.... the ip address it was pointing back to was hotmail???? in the trace??
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    Yahoo Mail Question (virus)

    I like most other people have a few Yahoo mail accounts i use while on the internet. I have recently in one of them received a virus in a attachment that I had received. I'm not really sure about this so perhaps someone can tell me. If i do not down load an email or attachment from the...
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    help i messed up my video settings

    I'm running xp home and I switched monitors last night. The display was too big for my screen so i changed it but when i did i must have switched it to something that the monitor doesnt like cause now i can't see anything after the XP boot screen it goes black at that point. Can i fix this in...
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    XP Question for someone out there

    I have 3 seprate log ons on my machine using xp home and I'd like to take away the access that 2 of the log ins have to INTERNET EXPLORER. I have one adult admin account and 2 child accounts. We also have a DSL connection thru a lynksys router (hence always on) What i would like to do is...
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    General Question

    I've been a few months now and I really love all the information i've gotten so far Its amazing all this time I thought computers were only good for P0rn (lol.... i'm joking) I said all that to ask this Why is it that most of you are running XP pro and not XP home? what are the real...
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    How do i remove the Clock from the system tray

    I am using winbar and I don't need the clock in the system tray anymore. can someone show me how to get rid of it? I hope its possible to do this cause I now have 2 clocks on my desktop. Thank you in advance
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    ReFormating my hard drive

    i have an 80 gig hard drive and i'm running xp... can I use the xp Cd to re partition my hard drive??? Fdisk won't allow me to do this