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    Goodbye from him....

    I have been a member for well over a year, and a regular visitor. I have now, however, decided to call it a day! I will not be returning..... UNLESS THOSE DAMN ADVERTS GO..!!!!!!!
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    File Hosting

    I run a bit of a game server/forum, and was wondering whether anybody out there knew of a reliable file hosting service (up to about 1 gig) as cheaply as possible. Advertising would be welcome! ( I think ):D
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    Changing WinXP files

    This topic has possibly already been covered, but I just wouldn't know what to search for. I am aiming to alter a couple of files on my WinXP install disk, saving me the trouble of changing them after installation. I know it can be done, I have seen it, I just don't know where! When you...
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    Birthday card from my missus

    do you think she's trying to tell me something?? TOK
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    Help needed fairly urgently !!

    I have just acquired a nice Acer keyboard with a built-in volume control which I feel could be useful. The device is USB. Windows picked up on the keyboard, installed all (??) required drivers and all works well.................except for the volume control. A service "Human Interface Device...
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    Those supermachines

    Before I start, i'd like to mention that I was born with my foot in my mouth, so if anybody takes offence, TOUGH!! There are flash signatures, GIF signatures images of all shapes and sizes, and there are many words of wisdom held within signatures, but do we really need the entire bl**dy...
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    GeForce 4 MX 440

    Installed the card, no problems. Downloaded the latest Detonators, installed them, all working perfectly. All my games run beautifully. Problem!! Ran the SVideo lead to my television, set it up as second monitor, installed Generic TV drivers for it. Output is Composite video with a display...
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    Welcome Home

    To be without xp-erience for a whole 48 hours, not worth even thinking about. I didn't realise how important my daily 'fix' was. Welcome home. TOK:D
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    Backing up

    I sit here trawling the forums some evenings and see all these problems that occur, machines that stop responding - new software installations that sieze machines up - all sorts. I know that for some problems there are facilities such as driver roll-back and system file checker and system...
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    Out of duty !!

    Here I am, sitting here in my total misery, trying my hardest to be of use to the community of my choice. I have the most lousy, stinking, wet and slobbery bloody head cold. I should be in the bed with a bottle of Rye and cold towels on my head, but no...I have to log on. It's my duty, or...
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    Apple Printer

    Does anybody out there know if ther is a way of using an Apple printer (StyleWriter II Mono) on a PC. It's sitting around at home, totally idle, and I thought it would be nice to make it feel welcome! I know this isn't strictly XP related other than the fact it's on my xp-box that I hope...