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  1. legodude83089

    Some Win 7 Problems

    I just installed the beta yesterday. I have two partitions on my drive, first one for vista and the second one for Win 7. I decided it was a good time to reformat vista also so I did that after I installed Win 7. Of course, this screwed up the BCD so that it would automatically boot to vista as...
  2. legodude83089

    TV Box for Computer Monitor

    Hello all, I just moved into my dorm for my Freshman year of college. I have a 24" Dell widescreen monitor and I want to use it as a TV. To do this I know I need a vga interface tv box. I've found a few but none with an atsc tuner. Here at the dorms we have cable TV so atsc doesn't matter too...
  3. legodude83089

    New Laptop Computer Suggestions

    I'm looking for a new laptop and would like some advise so I figured why make a new thread. Here's what I want. 17" 1920x1200 screen Penyr 2.5 Ghz+ 2 GB+ RAM Blu-ray ROM drive NVIDIA 8700m GT or 8800m GTX :) Wireless N (Is it worth it?) High Capacity Battery I looked at Sager as mentioned...
  4. legodude83089

    Recommendations For A New Laptop

    I'm going to be getting a laptop for college this spring or over the summer so I was curious what new technologies I should wait for. I know I want a 17" WUXGA (1920x1200) screen and a Blu-ray drive to go with it. I'm wanting to get the best video card(s) I can get and I also want a very fast...
  5. legodude83089

    Free Microsoft Vista Ultimate and Office Ultimate!

    So here's the deal. Microsoft is offering all of these for free if you give up some privacy for three months. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit DVD) Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 Microsoft Money Plus Premium Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008 Microsoft Streets...
  6. legodude83089

    Legendary PSP hacker, Dark_AleX, leaves scene

    I'm not sure if anyone here are PSP owners/fans but Dark_AleX is leaving the PSP scene due to fear of legal action. He has made many developments for the scene such as creating downgraders, homebrew launchers, and most importantly of all custom firmwares. He has hacked Sony's firmwares to run...
  7. legodude83089

    New iTunes Plus

    Well apparently Apple has released a new program for iTunes called iTunes Plus coinciding with their iTunes 7.2 release. Some Details: -The Music is DRM free.:) -It has a bitrate of 256kbps, twice that of regular iTunes downloadable songs. -No burn limits or computer limits. -It costs $1.29...
  8. legodude83089

    More "R600" details

    It looks like Nvidia has some competition coming up in the DX10 club. Apparently the R600 will have 320 stream processors, twice that of the 8800GTX, feature 128-bit HDR rendering, and also have an integrated HDMI output capability with 5.1 surround sound. This and more can be found at...
  9. legodude83089

    Does anyone have a retail AMD 4600+ box only!

    Hi I really need a 4600+ (939) box to return my CPU to AMD. I'm willing to pay for it. I being the stupid person I am accidentally pressed too hard on my CPU when putting it into it's socket and bent 3 pins. After trying to bend one of them straight I broke one so now I need to RMA it. Seeing...
  10. legodude83089

    Default drive D?

    Hello, I reinstalled XP last night and Windows made my default drive D which causes problems when booting. Is there a way to set my D drive as C. Also there is a C drive but I unplugged it to see if my mbr would switch it for me. Thanks.
  11. legodude83089

    Clearing OS's from boot manager.

    I was curious if anyone could tell me how to clear OS's from the boot manager because having to select between XP and previously installed OS's during boot it starting to get annoying. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. legodude83089

    Burning to a dvd

    I have the vista 5270 iso file and I now need to burn the file to a dvd to install it. I have already gone through 3 dvds and none of them worked. By the way I have Nero 6. Please help.
  13. legodude83089

    Sorry to ask but can anyone get me any free digital coupons for the 24 inch dell

    Sorry to ask but can anyone get me any free digital coupons for the 24 inch dell screen. the web address is...