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  1. Smoke286

    Drivers for Soundblaster Live

    Back in the same boat, installed Vista RC 1, but I can't remember how I was able to get my soundcard working after I installed Vista Beta 2. It says the drivers are working ok, but still no sound
  2. Smoke286

    Burning Program for Vista

    I'm looking for a program (preferably free) that works with Vista Beta 2 and can create .iso files. I want to burn the new Vista RC1 to disk. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Smoke286

    WinFixer Pop-Up

    Anybody else suffering with this affliction? It pops up every 5 minutes or so no matter what I do. I have tried a couple of on-line solutions, none of them work. I have Ad-Aware, Spybot and Spyware Blaster, all running with the latest definitions and still I can't get rid of it, it's driving me...
  4. Smoke286

    Maxthon 1.2 Released

    A good browser just got better, and faster
  5. Smoke286

    Is this a good motherboard?

    My computer is about a year old. It has this motherboard: P4 Titan GA-8SIMLH-P(-C) What sort of reputation does it have? I can't say I have any complaints so far.
  6. Smoke286

    Roll On Patriots

    The team with no stars just embarrassed the star studded Indianapolis Colts. Next week the two best teams in footbal meet The Pats and the Steelers, promises to be a classic game.
  7. Smoke286

    Just a Suggestion

    Suggestion: MP3 players section I know this is going rather far afield, and there is already a thread about iPods in the Mac section. But could we possibly get a section to discuss mp3 players?
  8. Smoke286

    Problem with Desktop

    For some reason the area around the icons on my desktop is no longer clear, instead there is a coloured background, its the same (but different colours) no matter ehat theme I apply. Any suggestions?
  9. Smoke286

    Free Theme Editing Software?

    Does anyone know of a free program that allows ytou to edit themes and visual styles. I really just want to be able to change the colours
  10. Smoke286

    SP 2 and bit torrents

    Hi I was on a site last week said there was some sort of problem that could occur when downloading bit torrents with SP2 installed. It gave a link to the a patch that would solve the problem. Unfortunatly I lost the link. Anyone know of which I speak?
  11. Smoke286

    Free AntiSpam Software?

    Im looking for something free that can filter out the spam from Outlook. I tried Spamnet and it worked fine, but of course they want you to buy it. Is there something free that will do a similar job?
  12. Smoke286

    Themes and SP2

    Is there a patch yet to allow your themes to work with SP2?
  13. Smoke286

    Xsvid ?

    I recently downloaded a television show that is in this format. I want to watch it on my computer, not burn it to disk. Does anyone know how I can go about this? Is there a way to convert it?
  14. Smoke286

    DVD (software0 Player

    My new conputer came with two seperate DVD players WinDVD and Power DVD. Is one better then the other?
  15. Smoke286

    UX Theme patch that works with SP2

    I have downloaded and installed XP SP2 RC1 once I did my theme patch no longer worked, so I searched for the ux themepatcher that is supposed to work with SP2, downloaded and ran it, unfortunatly it doesnt work. Does anyone know of a version that does actually work with SP2?
  16. Smoke286

    Installing a Hard Drive

    How hard is it to put a second hard drive in an old computer. I have an old Celeron 300 that my son uses with a 2 gig HD in simple terms can someone explain how I would go about installing a second HD?
  17. Smoke286

    Befuddled Networker

    I have a home network set up with three computers running off a cable modem through a router. I have internet working on all three, but I cant get file sharing or printers to work even though I have them enabled it shows the little hand on the shared documents folder on all three computers, yet...
  18. Smoke286

    New Computer Advice

    I just bought a new computer. I already have Norton Antivirus Pro 2003 but a disk came with my new computer for Norton Internet Security 2003. My question is do I have to uninstall NAV to install this? Is it worth doing?
  19. Smoke286

    Problem with Outlook Attachments

    I've never had this problem myself, but a friend of mine does, they have Office XP installed and use Outlook as their e-mail client. They cannot however open any attachments that they receive. I use the same program and it works fine, the only thing I can see different in our set ups is they...
  20. Smoke286

    Windows Media Player Classic

    I have installed this neat program, the question is, now that I have can I uninstall Windows Media Player? Will this program still ork withour the "official" one? if so how do I go about uninstalling WMP?