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  1. Nick M

    C650 - quad band?

    C650 - quad band? or whatever I need... I know nothing about cell phones - but, I need a quick question answered, please. I was going to get Cingular family plan, two phones, one year. I have a Motorola C650, uh, for my Grandma :p that I thought I could use as the third phone. I...
  2. Nick M

    Wanted: Final Fantasy 7 (PS) + other stuff

    So I got all nostalgic today and plonked down all of my spare cash for a Nintendo 64 and a PSone with a little screen. I bought a few games for each, which were all used and reasonably priced. Then I look up FF7 and faint...70 dollars new? 55 dollars? What gives?! I bought it used for about...
  3. Nick M

    Quick Northbridge question

    I have a ( yes, old, shame ) Soyo Dragon KT-600 Plus that's been the most stable board I've owned and still use. Sadly the day I got it I look a good look at the northbridge fan and said to myself that it wouldn't last a month. Well, it took a little more then a year! I could order a 40mm fan...
  4. Nick M

    Filenames in Different Language ( unable to view )

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right catagory but hopefully I'm on target; I recently downloaded (legal) an mp3 album of what I'm assuming is a live and rare recording of a band I enjoy from 1987. The problem with this being is that the mp3s were encoded and named ( including ID3 tags )...
  5. Nick M

    Motherboard/CPU/HSF advice + DVD Burner

    Greetings all! :alien: Since my Thermaltake Volcano 9 had been failing recently, I went out and ordered a Thermaltake Big Typhoon, which is an absolutely gigantic cooler but it supposed to run very quietly whilst keeping the CPU cool. Unfortunately this was not to be as the capacitators on my...
  6. Nick M

    9/11 Movie starring Nicholas Cage

    Are they for real?! :ermm: Does anyone else find this absolutely preposterous?
  7. Nick M

    flying lawnmower

    Strangest thing I've ever seen :yowch: video
  8. Nick M

    " Open With " troubles.

    I'm having a really odd issue - when you right click on a file, go to the open with box, and if the program name isn't present, you can go to " choose program " and pick whatever you want to open the file with. Then usually the program is added to the " open with " box. I upgraded photoshop...
  9. Nick M

    Computerized Etch a Sketch

    OMG! :eek: look
  10. Nick M

    6800/6800GT? Please advise.

    this ( MSI NX 6800 ) or this ( Asus 6800GT ) Money is somewhat of an issue - my current Geforce Ti4600 isn't pulling some games as well as I'd like for it to, so I figured I'd go for an upgrade. :) Is there a noticable difference between the two cards? Quality or performance wise...
  11. Nick M

    Wanted: LAPTOP

    Gracie Lyons ( Nick from SP ) is looking for a used laptop to buy from someone 'round here before resorting to eBay and whatnot. If you have something laying around unused for a while, perhaps you can get rid of it and get some cash for it too. Price can be agreed to but 400 is my absolute...
  12. Nick M

    New Wireless Network - Security Help

    Went to local BestBuy and picked up: AirPlus Xtreme G DI-624 11g router D-Link AirPremire AG DWL-AG530 11a/11g PCI card D-Link AirPlus AG DWL-G510 11g PCI card Hooked these up and from plug + play got a steady signal. More then one - appears there are many unsecured networks around...
  13. Nick M

    Windows Torment - Locked Out from my Files

    Long story short, about everything on my main machine went and toasted itself quite recently. Everything save my primary HDD, as it was out of the machine at the time. That made things a little easier, no computer is really bad, but my files are still there - I had everything on that HDD, and it...
  14. Nick M

    Printer Drips Ink :-(

    HP Deskjet 960c. Recently started to drip ink while printing. ( little coloured dots, red, blue, whatever, on paper ) This happens while printing black and white/colour. Dissapointing, since I want to print photographs and photopaper is expensive, it messes it up. Any way to remedy this?
  15. Nick M

    [!] CPU Speed Wrong

    Problem: Took out old XP 1900, put in new XP 2600 ( 333MHZ Front Side Bus ) and motherboard recognizes it as a XP2000. It supports up to XP 2600 , the board is Gigabyte GA7VRXP Revision 2.0. I did a BIOS update, same problem. Set clock multiplier ( which appears as little switches on my board...
  16. Nick M

    Does anyone like my avatar?

    Well, do you? :D
  17. Nick M

    Choosing a Digital Camera; Help Needed.

    I've been looking around, and I wish to spend under 1,000 for a camera, memory, carry case :) Also, I want something that's 5 megapixel. Manual settings a good + Was looking around, and I read quite a lot of good things about the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717 link I've also read some bad...
  18. Nick M

    Orbitz theme!

    E Punk, I love you :) Everyone, quick, come see the new ( bright! ) skin. Woohoo! * dances around *
  19. Nick M

    Graphics Threads.

    There used to be a LOT of very useful threads ( pinned ) in graphics, but now they've become outdated and unpinned. There were some great tutorials there, and explanations. I'd like to help. Find new links, more information, possibly write a guide and have E-Punk add it to the site, but I...
  20. Nick M

    Photography Series...

    I remember sometime last year I talked about a photography project I was going to start...if anyone remembers. Either way, it took me this long to start it. :D I know this is kind of a shameless plug, but if you care to, please check it out and tell me what you think! :)...