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    Itunes & Speed

    iTunes on windows is a piece of bloated garbage. What I usually do is use Winamp to send songs to my iPod and use foobar to play all the media on my computer. I have roughly over 4000 songs, its around 20GB total in size. Use Media Player classic for videos with the K-Lite Codec pack of course.
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    E6700 vs E6600

    Nope, I dont see any reason to spend another $100 for 266Mhz, but thats just my personal opinion. If you want some extra ump out of the processor, buy a better heatsink for $40.
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    PC Wont Boot Up : lsaas.exe Err

    Also, lsass.exe failing upon Windows startup is a sign of a certain worm to which the name escapes me, but I've seen it quite a few times. Once your NIS is removed, trying doing an online scan such as Panda Activescan to check for anything malicious.
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    Windows 2000 pro password lost...

    Ive used that thing for quite a while and it works every time. I used to used the Locksmith tool on ERD but it would fail 6 out of 10 times. The new version 3.5 also includes support for Vista.
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    Printer tray options not sticking in Office 2003

    Which driver version are you using? If you are using the PCL6 driver, roll back to PCL5. Alot of weird things happen with 6 and I always opt for 5 versus 6.
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    Windows 2000 pro password lost...

    You can use either a Knoppix Live Boot CD or Active Password changer which is included on Hiren's Boot CD. PS: Both of which are free :)
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    ERD Commander

    Possibly a bad burn. Try burning it again.
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    Checksum error

    The only other thing it could be is that the CMOS jumper is set to reset, which is highly unlikely since you would get a message saying your settings have been reset on every boot. Replace the battery and see what happens.
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    MCE not playing DVDs

    WinDVD usually does the trick. If that doesnt work, try something like the K-Lite Codec Pack or the XP Codec Pack. K-Lite Codec XP Codec
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    Checksum error

    Replace the CMOS battery.
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    Network / Internet Connection Monitor

    Network Magic is an app that is preloaded on quite a few OEM machines that is supposed to make home network management easy by giving the user a nice GUI on all the hardware, where it is, how its connected, names of computers, etc. Ive always gotten rid of it cause its always caused problems on...
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    Any Windows Updates that were released that severely slow computer?

    I would try to disable some unnecessary services to start off with. That will reduce the memory consumption of the svchost.exe SYSTEM process.
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    Vista trial

    I would try to use a Knoppix boot disc and transfer your files that way.
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    Turn on PC from network

    Intel's VPro technology allows machines to be "waken up" via the LAN as well.
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    Best Wii Game

    Ive been playing Wario Ware for the past few days, i will probably pick up Super Paper Mario today or tomorrow.
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    WSUS Problem

    It has to be load then. Found the KB on it: EDIT: What does your enviroment look like?
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    WSUS Problem

    Sounds like an SSL issue. Make sure to update to the latest Service Pack for SQL and that should fix the issue. It may also caused by the SQL server being under heavy load, which would also explain why the WSUS service keeps failing. Try the SP and see what happens.
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    Web Reporting/Filtering Applications?

    Thats what I was going to suggest as well for a small scale enviroment. This is probably the best option for you. No additional equipment is required and Wireshark is open source. Any type of filtering software that you are looking for is going to be expensive and usually requires a minimum...
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    VPN Issue on Vista

    Are you using Cisco equipment to host the VPN?
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    USB Booting

    What vendor and revision bios are you using? A BIOS upgrade may solve your problem.