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    Cannot get on the internet with XP?

    Hey guys, ok I fixed my friends computer because it had a ton of crap on there, malware, viruses and such. I used Malwarebytes remover and it got all the crap out of there. Great software btw. I rebooted but now that computer cannot get back online either wireless or straight to the...
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    Having intermittent issues with online access with Vista

    Ok, this is a bit long but here goes. I have online issues since I upgraded to Vista Ultimate. What happens is that I would be surfing the net, and all of a sudden it just stops. The other computers that are on the same router are fine and continue to work while mine is stalled. I can reset the...
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    How do I disable the pop-up blocker?

    I'm running Norton 360 and I'm not sure if it's that, or Vista that is doing it. I need to look up cars for an auto auction, and I cannot do it. How would I do this? Sorry for this dumb question and thanks in advance
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    Could not locate "jdejghae.cmd" during start up

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my compter. It's a small problem that I have had for a while, but now it's time to fix it. Every time I restart my computer I get that message, and then I hit "ok" and and the right side stuff appears such as the gagets and what not. How do I make this sign...
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    Auto complete on craigslist

    When posting ads, I used to see a drop down list of all my posting titles, prices, specific location and email addresses that I could click to auto-complete the fields. Lost the feature when I switched from IE6 to IE7. CL is the only site I can't auto-complete on. Also, the posting email...
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    Vista Ultimate

    If I buy a download, how many computers can I put it on? I have 4 at home. I'm thinking only one, but wanted to be sure.
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    How to get Microsoft Outlook 2003 to retrieve old mail

    I just formated my disk, and had a new computer but I had my old hard drives installed in the new system. What I have is 2 back ups that I would schedule a backup every 2 weeks for my outlook mail program. Now that I have a fresh install, I can't figure out how to get my old mail on my new...
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    Windows Vista IE7 Question

    Can you make IE7 look like 6? I'm not to hot on tab browsing at all. Is there a way to keep IE6 if I have windows vista? Thanks in advance
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    After start up, I have to redo all my sign in info on forums

    Ok this is weird. I'm not sure what happened, but everytime I restart the computer, I now have to redo all my forms and turn on my Auto complete stuff as if seems to shut it off after every reboot. What's going on? Thanks in advance Mike
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    Cannot view Youtube or anything like that

    Every time I view one of these sites I get a message that says I need to download flash 9, but I already have it. Every time I go to the download site it says that I have sucessfully downloaded flash9 player, but I then go back to the sites that require it, and still nothing. What can I do to...
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    Ok guys, new problem with my Norton Antivirus

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my 06 Norton Anti Virus. It keeps putting a window in front of my face that I have a virus, but it’s a piece of software that I use that Symantec has deemed a virus. I get a message and I click the link on the message and this is it...
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    Bad Virus. Changed my homepage and can't change it back

    Ok, I opened this stupid virus and it changed my home page to this Also it blanked out my "use current" on my internet options page therefore not allowing me to change my homepage back. I got rid of the virus, but I can't fix this one...
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    Microsoft Outolook 2003 sending problems

    For the past day, I have had a problem sending out on all of my address on outlook. This is the message I keep getting 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.5.3 - chkuser) How do I fix this? Thanks in advance Mike
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    Pictures not coming up on any browser

    We have netscape and IE and we cannot get most ads or pictures to come up on the browsers. For some reason my wife's computer might have some sort of block on it. How do we fix this? She has Norton 2006 system works, and webroot spyware, and that's it as far as possible blocks. Thanks in...
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    Mouse's back button is not working

    Ok I have a Logitech mouse that is not working correctly. It's one of the new optical ones with the scroll, and back button feature on the top of the mouse. Problem is that it doesn't work. My last Logitech mouse I had, had the same button, and did work, but this new one doesn't. I try and...
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    Wireless Netgear question???

    I have the WGR 614 V4 wireless router and a few of the USB 2.0 recevers to get wireless upstairs. My question is how can I turn off the recievers from my computer? Reason being is my kid is on past her bedtime, and I want the ability to shut off her internet, yet still able to use mine upstairs...
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    Just put in the 3.4 800 1meg P4 478 pin Do I need different memory?

    I just bought a new P4 478 pin 3.4 gig 800 fsb 1meg. My other was a 2.8 533 478 pin. It doesn't want to boot up? Do I need updated memory to use this new processor? The memory is DDR 3200 Thanks in advance Mike
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    How do I network on wireless thoughout my house?

    Ok here is my problem. We have 4 computers in the house, and 2 of the 4 are on wireless. We just bought Netgears wireless system for the laptop and the upstairs computers. The other 2 in the office downstairs is wired direct to the router. I can only print from the main one, but when the wife is...
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    Ok, for some reason somthing happened to my "Start" "Programs" file. Ill try and describe this as best I can. After hitting those options on my desktop, it gives me the software choices, but now it only gives me my most popular ones that I just used, with an arrow pointing toward the bottom...
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    I think I killed my tcp/ip stuff I cannot get online with my main computer

    Hi all. I have a big problem with my main computer. I was cleaning out some stuff on the system and I think (not sure) if I deleted my tcp/ip settings. Here is what I have. I have a netgear wireless router and it connects right up to the main computer, and the second computer is also hard wired...