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  1. tom9042

    my ten year aniversary

    Congratulations on ten years. That's a long time for anything. I'm some eleven months behind you. Computers (or is it the operating systems) have changed enough that we don't need each other's help in getting the most out of our machines. That's why many of us don't visit here as often any...
  2. tom9042

    Happy Birthday Perris!

    Just stopped in, saw that it was your birthday and thought I'd add to the b-day wishes.
  3. tom9042

    .: NvNews / OSNN / SP Folding Thread :.

    We should change the name of the folding team to "Bman"!
  4. tom9042

    very excellant

    Most Excellent.
  5. tom9042

    Upgrade to My Car Audio

    You talked about playing CD's. Do you also have an ipod or an mp3 player? Then you need inputs for them. You tried XM satellite radio. Would you consider getting that service? These are things to think about for the receiver part of the equipment.
  6. tom9042

    Happy B-Day Sazar! Happy B-Day Tuffgong

    Hope you both have great birthdays!
  7. tom9042

    Gmail Does Magic: 60 Users Suffer 100% E-mail Loss

    Wow, I do get spam -- but since it goes into the spam folder, I've never noticed. I have 11 messages for the last 30 days, better than the hundreds I get at Yahoo. As for the original topic, I guess the 60 people who lost their email are screwed. But when you think that the average person...
  8. tom9042

    Been getting the blue screen

    When my wife's computer had problems, I swapped out all the various hardware items and only when I put in my memory sticks, did the problem end. I bought her new memory and the problems stopped.
  9. tom9042

    Happy Birthday Henyman

    Have a great long birthday weekend!
  10. tom9042

    Natural Hallucination

    It's pretty amazing how your sight is made to be so weird.
  11. tom9042

    NvNews + OSNN + SP Folding Team

    Thanks for folding! I see you're up to # 26. You've been folding for some time. We don't always get to say thanks to you NvNews guys.
  12. tom9042

    NvNews + OSNN + SP Folding Team

    Congratulations to ejn74 for taking over first place on the team. I guess you'll be at a million soon too. Great job!!
  13. tom9042

    Happy Birthday Mainframeguy!

    Hope your day was a special one!
  14. tom9042

    Computer Repair Abuse.. (Geek Squad sucks too)

    Re: Computer Repair Abuse.. (Geek Squad sucks too( You would think that for a loose wire, they would charge $25.00-$50.00, after opening it up and taking a minute to diagnose and fix the problem. I hope for $119.00, they did a lot of diagnostics to make sure the loose wire was the only problem.
  15. tom9042

    NvNews + OSNN + SP Folding Team

    It took my slowest machine 12 days to finish a 392 point WU. But that's the rate it used to take to finish a 240 point WU in 7 days. I guess it's better than nothing!
  16. tom9042

    Awesome New Halo 3 Commercial!

    I just saw it on TV. It's pretty awesome.
  17. tom9042

    Happy Birthday Evil Marge!!!

    Have a great day. I wish I was 29!
  18. tom9042

    Happy Birthday Jewelzz!!

    Have a great birthday!
  19. tom9042

    Buying a New Home - Now with photos!

    Re: Buying a New Home Congratulations on your first home purchase. One good thing about owning is the deductions on your income tax returns!