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    January 2009 Desktop Screenshots

    mines pretty simple :crosseyed:
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    Comparing Blu-ray Drives

    I found a little chart with some of the players benchmarked. Pretty interesting.... Sharp player takes over 2 minutes to load a BD+ disc! taken from
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    Firefox 3.1 not compatible with Hotmail?

    I think its just the 3.1 beta.
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    Firefox 3.1 not compatible with Hotmail?

    Doesnt work for me either
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    Autorun worm!

    My pc got infected with something my av calls an autorun worm. I did the usual thing in safe mode, and got rid of it. But today i go and plug in my external hard drive, and boom virus warning again. It must've spread to the external hard drive and back onto my pc now. So it got me thinking...
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    Opening Ports

    I needed to open a bunch of ports too but then got lazy and just opened up a dmz ;)
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    AVG won't update

    Maybe you need to forward a port? I checked under that router, but AVG isn't listed. Maybe you could enable DMZ for a bit just to see if it's the router stopping it. And the other thing is that AVG might be configured wrong. I haven't used it much myself, but there are probably...
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    Thermalright LGA775 BOLT-THRU Kit

    Pm'ed with details
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    Thermalright LGA775 BOLT-THRU Kit

    where would the shipping be to?
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    Thermalright LGA775 BOLT-THRU Kit

    One kit.
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    Thermalright LGA775 BOLT-THRU Kit

    the bolt thru kit? Its just 1 that im trying to get rid of by the way
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    Thermalright LGA775 BOLT-THRU Kit

    No I have one of those too. That's a good idea though, might just use that one
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    Thermalright LGA775 BOLT-THRU Kit

    I accidentally ordered 2 Bolt thru kits with my last NCIX order :( You should be able to use it on any "lga755 ready" heatsink. It provides a more secure mounting mechanism as opposed to push pins, and as a result lower temps (usually). So I'm looking to trade it for something I need. I was...
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    iTunes Album Art Program?

    mp3tag is pretty good. I use it sometimes to fix tags. It can do things like auto tag (maybe get album art too?). I haven't used it much but it can pick up tags that other programs can't.
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    reseting laptop bios

    No i found most of them by using the device and vendor numbers in system info and then looking them up. The one that was a mess was a Conexant modem/audio combination. Conexant doesn't provide drivers on their site and neither does HP. I had to install UAA, download vista drivers, extract them...
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    reseting laptop bios

    I googled but nothing solid came out of it, and there was no repair option. He said there was nothing important so i reformatted. And then it started... I installed xp for him because he says he cant get used to vista. HP doesn't provide xp drivers so i had to find them for everything. Finding...
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    reseting laptop bios

    Ok, so i let it sit for about an hour and the password is cleared :) ...but i get a BSOD on bootup (even in safemode). He said this had happened before the password prompt started coming up, so I know i didn't cause it. Is there anything I can try before reformatting? edit ok, so ill just...
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    reseting laptop bios

    I'm fixing a laptop for someone. Every time it turns on it asks for a bios password. Seeing as I can't get into the OS, I downloaded the manual and re-seated the RTC battery. I tried it right after and it still asked for a password, so I figured it must be unplugged for longer. I googled it and...
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    Which Is The Fastest?

    I have to disagree. I think if you use a little common sense, and are careful with what you download, you'll be ok. At least with limewire. I haven't used any of the others but I've used limewire for ages and have never had a problem. It's good for getting those hard to find songs you can't...
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    audio over dvi?

    I actually have that adapter. It came in the box. The link i gave to the video card, wasn't the exact one i bought. It was the first version 3850 with the original cooler and the adapter was inside. It looks just like this but it's gray. So I can send sound over it? That's pretty cool.