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    Promise killed my hard drives.

    I picked up a WD 200GB SE hard drive from Dell a while back that came with a Promise ATA100 controller. I had a free IDE on my mobo (a7n8x dlx) so I just stuck it on there and didn't bother with the card, and it ran perfectly for the past few months. Then I got another HD, same kind at a day...
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    Random shut-downs

    Just this week, Windows started to randomly shut down on me. It hasn't yet happened while I've been around, only presumably after it shuts off the monitor, so unfortunately I can't put a time on it, though it has stayed on for as long as 7 or 8 hours, and sometimes as short as 1 hour or maybe...
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    Changed default folder action

    I tried to add a new funtion to the FILE FOLDER type. Turns out it didn't work, but now I can't delete the function I created, and it changed the default behavior to Search, and in a new window none the less. Help!
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    Cannot load google

    The other day, something messed up my network drivers. I was getting 20kBps on kazaa but couldn't load any websites. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them. Now the net works, but I can't load some sites, google for one. IE just says page cannot be displayed, but Firebird says...
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    Live audio recording

    I'm looking for a relatively cheap way to record live audio. I'd settle for an mp3 player that supports up to a 512MB card. Does anyone know about the quality of these or would it really come down the the mic used? edit: minidisk is out because of quality, and under $200 would be nice.
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    PHP consecutive variables

    Is there a nice way to print out consecutively named variables like Track1, Track2, Track3 ?
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    CD-RW clocks down processor?

    I have a Barton XP 2500+/333 on an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard. Every time I plug in my CD burner, the bios clocks the processor down to 1.09ghz (1100mhz). I turned on the voice alert, and it said "processor failed due to overclocking". As soon as I take out the burner, it works fine. I'm stumped.
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    Print folder contents.

    Is there a program out there to print a folder tree to plain text?
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    RDRAM Mobo

    What motherboards out there support a single RIMM setup?
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    Enabling Active Desktop

    I'm trying to follow the tutorial on active desktop but in my display properties "customize desktop" area, there's no "Web" tab, only general. Does that mean active desktop isn't enabled?
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    Ordered List

    Is there any way to make an ordered list count down? (10,9,8...)
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    RDRAM vs DDR

    I'm working on a new P4 system. It'll be probably a 2.5 or 2.66, overclocked to hopefully a tad over 3. It's going to be used mostly for graphics rendering and video editing. Would I see much of an improvement using RDRAM over DDR? I'll probably have only 256MB either way to start off with, on...
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    How much overclocking?

    I'm building a new P4 system off an Epox 4G4a+. I'm willing to spend up to about $350 for processor and cooling. I'd be looking either at a 2.53 with a nice SwifTech heatsink/fan, or maybe a 1.8 or 1.6 with water cooling. I want to overclock a bit with the 2.53, how does the performance compare...
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    windows 2002

    Just like windows 2000 shows up as NT 5.x, if you run "net config workstation" the o/s shows up as "Windows 2002".
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    Slow hard drive transfer rates

    I have two Maxtor 40GB drives, one as primary master, the other as secondary master. I back up all my music files from the main drive to the second one, but I've been getting transfer rates of only 1 MB/sec (45 minutes for 3GB). The drives are ATA 100; 7200 rpm. Why so slow?