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    Creative Support?

    Following is a response to my request for support for 5.1 5300 Speakers As the product has been launch in the market for quite sometime, I am sorry to inform you that the requested support is no longer available due to product hardware limitation/ End of Service Life EOSL product. Thus, we...
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    Windows 7 tells me that my hard disk will fail

    This happens during installation and is reporting on a Toshiba 12GB MK121 4GAP Its an old very old Laptop meant to be running on Win98. Is there a workaround to ignore this report? Tia
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    Strange Views

    Backed up a collection of files to a DVD using Imgburn, a process I have done often and successfully. This time however somehow the View on the DVD only has changed to Displaying under NAME Earlier this Year, Last year, 2 Years Ago and A long Time Ago with the appropiate files underneath. I have...
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    Rename Admin Problem

    Set up new operating system XP Pro with Administrator Account and An account called Admin with Administrative priviliges. Ok so far. i then tried renaming the Admin Account to mike this appeared to work and i can now Login automatically to mike thanks to TweakuiXP. When i log off it says logoff...
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    Shrunken Igoogle Search

    Whilst playing around with Icon sizing vert/horiz etc I suddenly found my Igoogle search box had reduced in size greatly so small as to make input unreadable. Ordinary google search box OK?Anyone come across this or can offer a solution? Tia
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    New search options

    Having downloaded the new windows search facility onto my xp pro pc i now have a problem with searching a cdrom it says that it is not indexed and then does not let me index the cdrom. Any answers? Tia
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    Latest Windows XP Search Option

    I downloaded the new search on Patch Tuesday and only realised today that there appears to be no way of searching a cdrom. Error message is Folder D: has not been indexed. Tia
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    Thinkpad 770 iexplorer woes

    Have managed to upgrade an old Thinkpad laptop to win2k and am able to network it wirelessly to buffalo router. My problem is after upgrading to IE6 I cannot connect to the internet. BTW Only 64k RAM. have also tried firefox. Tia
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    Buffalo g 125 port forwarding?

    have setup network once no problems including allowing game ports. After a while I had some problems with network so went for setting up from scratch again. Everthing ok sharing files and Internet but I cannot get the game ports to work. any ideas please. have tried googling but it is too new to...
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    Google Gone?

    Somehow got switched to Google Australia? When I tried UK Open DNS said it was not available? Anyone know whats up!!?
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    Vmware 2003 setup

    I have been struggling to use vmware server to setup server2003 with 2 xp pro clients,but with no success. is there a step by step guide ie NAT? which IP addresses fixed or DHCP. any suggestions? Tia
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    NET issues

    Having removed .NET 1.1 because .NET 2.0 was installed Update is now asking me to install it again? Should I just ignore it? Tia
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    windows MSI installer? Need Help

    Whilst trying to reinstall a game (Silent Hunter 3) I got various error msgs from the Installer package. This has now settled down to installing on drive H: by default without offering a choice. I normally install on G: Can I reinstall MSI somehow? My machine runs Windows XO Pro SP2 TIA
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    Right hand click dropdown menu

    Please see attached. this is what my drop down menu looks like it seems to me to be too large and some entries are unexpected any ideas on how to "normalise" it?
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    Curious Display

    My Computer shows only the Partition Names IE Appz Games etc but seems to have lost the Drive letters? Everything else seems to be running Ok any comments?
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    Toshiba 480cdt

    have been asked to install win98 on Laptop but am having strange results, best so far is after Fdisk, Format etc gets to installing components required for windows returns to command prompt but there is nothing there on the C: Drive? Any Ideas?
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    2003 Excel Time Query

    I am trying to create a list of dates consisting of every Tuesday and Friday for a period of three months, have tried Autofill but cannot get it to work!! is there a better way? Tia
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    Backwards PC

    Having been told by my local PC shop that my Mobo is broken I am left with 512mb pc133 RAM, 2 x ata133 IDE drives and a 1.6ghz Pentium4 processor with a Geforce2 Nvidia Video card.The shop says it cannot build me a new PC using old components as memory would not be compatible. Are they right...
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    Cheap Solution Required

    My problem is when hot my computer stops with disk access light on and before ide1 is accessed. This stops me booting and I have to wait for machine to cool down again before booting. My proposed solution is an Eide card which must be bootable and capable of using my 200GB disk anyone tell me if...
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    I am curious as to where the ***SPAM*** which is being inserted in to my Email headers is coming from.Any ideas tia