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    Cannot get eSATA past 45MB/s

    The only drives that really come close to saturating SATA II are high end solid state drives... you're not going to get anywhere near max with anything else.
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    Windows 7 X64 upgrade

    Two of my coworkers did the Vista 64 to Win 7 x64 upgrade and both are happy with their systems. I upgraded RC to RTM (64 bit) on my work system and my boss' laptop. The upgrade util told me about two programs that would not function after the upgrade... one required a reinstall, the other...
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    how to for esx server4

    The guests can't see the USB ports at all. You really can't use the USB for anything but keyboard/mouse.
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    how to for esx server4

    The local console is very minimal... includes network settings and shutdown/reboot the server and that's about it. Everything else is done through the infrastructure client. direct a web browser at the server IP address and it will let you download the client. One gotcha is there is NO USB...
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    a couple of google chrome questions

    Chrome doesn't have plugins yet. :(
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    2 Internet Connections

    Maybe try this:
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    Best Router

    Good luck with that. if you're really asking for advice, get this one, instead: Wrt54GL Or another that is compatible with one of the third party firmwares out there...
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    Best Router

    Not true... Unless you're using QOS... that's pretty much how QOS works... you take a small amount of bandwidth and reserve it.... when network usage nears the max set bandwidth then it starts throttling back a bit, to ensure there's enough bandwidth available to pass high priority traffic...
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    Best Router

    I guess that depends what you need it to do. It's got a LOT more features than pfsense. Like I said... I'd recommend it for a small-medium size business or an advanced home network.... someplace say... where you wanted a VPN, or spam filtering, WAN failover, WAN load balancing... you know...
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    Best Router

    Sounds like a memory leak in the firmware for one device or the other (In my experience this has mostly been in routers or combined router/modem units, rather than standalone modems) Check for firmware upgrades!
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    Best Router

    I use a Linksys WRT with Sveasoft Talisman firmware for home use. For a small office (Or an advanced home network) I'd recommend Untangle... It's an open source product build on Debian Linux. We're using it for several clients, as well as our office and it works well. I'd be using it for my...
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    Did you know this site is worth 2 million dollars?

    It'd be interesting to look into how they rank... another forum I visit is rated much lower in most categories in the rankings, and is listed at $1.6 million... and has MUCH higher number of page visits and traffic. rank
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    firefox alpha for mobile 6 beta

    Wouldn't install on my phone. Didn't want to fight with it, as I've already got 3 browsers on there.
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    picture of first computer?

    TRS-80 Model III
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    Adblock Plus and NoScript = Security Issue?

    It's not that I don't want to run Javascript... it's that I don't trust EVERY web developer out there to not only not code their site maliciously, but to code it expertly and with the best security practices. If I'm going to visit a site regularly, it goes on the whitelist. If I'm visiting a...
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    Funny prank

    My new screensaver. ;)
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    Windows 2000 Server 3-36 GB HD, Raid 5 question

    Re: Windows 2000 Server 3-36 GB HD, Raid 5 Actually, 1 byte = 1 keystroke (generally... each keystroke could be two bytes, depending on language and/or font) Text data is VERY small... you're really not going to see much of an increase if all data being entered is text, check boxes, etc. And...
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    Windows 2000 Server 3-36 GB HD, Raid 5 question

    Re: Windows 2000 Server 3-36 GB HD, Raid 5 Sounds good! You're WELL ahead of most small offices. I'm impressed. :)
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    Windows 2000 Server 3-36 GB HD, Raid 5 question

    Re: Windows 2000 Server 3-36 GB HD, Raid 5 I would second Fitz' recommendation to find a good consultant to help you out. Do it NOW, -NOT- a few months down the road when you have a problem. These are some of the things you need to address: Security - Do you have a wireless network? Is it...
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    Xbox and PS3 share wifi

    You could make one, I suppose, if you were really motivated. Or you could go buy a 5 port switch and plug the wireless adapter that you have into that, and the two consoles into it. That's probably the cheapest/easiest route. Something like this...