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    [Finished] OSNN, Buzz Corps and HP Magic Giveaway

    Re: OSNN, BUZZ CORPS and HP MAGIC GIVEAWAY ^^ You must go into User Cp and turn on the contest, you're not in the contest until you've entered it by doing that. I think Gigabot is still winning, your rep will be reset when you enter IIRC.
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    [Giveaway] Xbox 360

    Donating -- Help me So, I posted a thread giving away my X-box 360 to a random poster but kcnychief posted and told me about Rays of Hope. No one really cared if I was going to give it to Roh over some random forum member so I decided I am going to, we plan on selling the xboxx and donating all...
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    [Giveaway] Xbox 360

    Ok, I will pm me. If I win the hp give away I will donate all of those computers too. I have an ebay account just tell me what I have to do .
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    Your Steam Account Value

    You own 9 Steam Games worth ~ $179.91
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    [Giveaway] Xbox 360

    If definitely is, and I wouldn't mind donating and not to say I don't support Rays of Hope, would you guys care?
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    [Giveaway] Xbox 360

    I'm changing the rules from random to most deserving, sucking up may or may not work. Also I have a tenancy of spending money the second I get it, and if I can't find anything I buy games. The xbox is almost a year old now.
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    [Finished] OSNN, Buzz Corps and HP Magic Giveaway

    Re: OSNN, BUZZ CORPS and HP MAGIC GIVEAWAY Yeah a lot of stories from Digg and other sites. I copy pasted reviews from my blog :(
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    Student recovers stolen XBOX360 by using his controller

    Yeah, I was wondering if his controller would sync with other xbox's.
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    Anyone have the "turbo-charged" Time Warner

    My ping is always yellow in all games and I keep switching my net, I don't know what's going on. I buy the best one I can afford and it's still only at about 6-15kbps max.
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    [Giveaway] Xbox 360

    Hey guys, I am going to give away my X-box. I bought the regular xbox with no hard drive and then I bought one afterwards. I have a lot of new games that I haven't even played yet, I dont really like Xbox 360 and on top of that every time I connect to live tit disconnects me after a few...
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    ipod Touch.

    Quickly reviewing it, well not reviewing it because I am sure you already know what it can do so I will express how I feel about it. Overall it's amazing, and I can say it's my favorite piece of tech I have at the moment. Even without being jail broken you can pretty much walk around and text...
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    Batman - The dark Knight, who seen it?

    I watched some bootlegged copy, it was a video recording of the movie screen and even then I can say it's in my top 1 faav's. I was going to buy a blu-ray player for my PC but they're running a little high.
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    Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard Review

    What do you mean? I can't give myself rep, I have no reason to get more than 21 posts. I'm just posting normally, I'm not trying to write an essay. Sorry if you feel I'm not contributing to the topic. thats what I have
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    Free Signatures - Animated!

    I've used most of them and I made a lot for my friends. Read that, fitz, why is that funny though? Are you saying I didn't make them? If you want one find a render from and then tell me what you want generally for colors on the sig.
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    Free Signatures - Animated!

    Hey guys, I can make you a nice little signature for your forum posts in photoshop. All I ask is that you rep if you feel it's deserved. Here are some I've made for people already. I can also make animated ones. They're not the best but they're FREE! If I'm not online my aim is Ronstarusnak and...
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    Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard Review

    Make sure you check on ebay or Craigslist.
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    Thinking of Purchasing a legal version of Adobe Photoshop

    How much cheaper as a student?
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    George Bush Dodges Shoes

    I saw that, he dodged it pretty well.
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    [Finished] OSNN, Buzz Corps and HP Magic Giveaway

    Re: OSNN, BUZZ CORPS and HP MAGIC GIVEAWAY How do you have that much rep? That just hurts me :(
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    Adobe Photoshop Advanced - I Passed!!!! :-)

    Is that 100% created in ps?