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  1. wadada

    windows security updates problem

    Hello, just downloaded 10 new updates for windows vista at the microsoft site including some office 2007 updates, when i download the updates and install them i got told to restart the computer so vista can install them, when i done that most of the updates were not installed, and my pc (...
  2. wadada

    PC Keeps Rebooting

    by any change did the windows update today ? one update is not installing and my computer also rebooted few times. check my other post about this.
  3. wadada

    May 2006 Sigs and Avatars

    :) ty
  4. wadada

    May 2006 Sigs and Avatars

    new ones for worldchampionship soccer 2006 in germany :)
  5. wadada

    Transparent Sigs/etc

  6. wadada

    Updated Graphix an Stuff

    Hi Marge :laugh:
  7. wadada

    Updated Graphix an Stuff

    love the board love the skins, graphixanstuff rulez :) very nice Jan !
  8. wadada

    New OS X Transformation Pack Released for SP2

    Flyakite 3 is on his way !
  9. wadada

    Happy B-Day Electronic Punk

    happy birthday EP :)
  10. wadada

    Tune Up Utilities 2006

    yeah tried it, works good, now waiting for english version :)
  11. wadada

    pc monitor cleaning ( inside )

  12. wadada

    pc monitor cleaning ( inside )

  13. wadada

    pc monitor cleaning ( inside )

    Every now and then you have to clean your computer screen. But, what about the inside of the screen, how are you supposed to clean that?? I can now do this remotely at no cost to you. First, clean the outside of your screen and then click the link below to clean the inside...
  14. wadada

    Fun with photoshop

    made with photoshop and pathstyler pro
  15. wadada

    August 2005 Signatures & Avatars

    sig i made and use at jan's graphixanstuff forum
  16. wadada

    Ad Aware definiton file update

  17. wadada

    July 2005 Signatures & Avatars

    where is the august signatures and avatars ?
  18. wadada

    Holy MOTHER of craftsmanship!!!!

    :eek: awsome !!!!
  19. wadada

    counterspy ( false positive )

    ty, but everything is up to date on my computer, and i never have spyware, it was just this counterspy who gave a false positive, but thanks for the tips !