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    Just had my first IT review of my career!

    Well, today 24 days after my 1 year at my company I had my first IT review. To say the least my boss was definitely impressed with the things I accomplished in my first year. 1) Helped software developer with custom travel agency application. 2) Built new accounting server and migrated...
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    Cannot change XP wallpaper as admin?

    I am an admin on our network and logged into my own machine on our domain I cannot change the wallpaper settings. Now I checked Group Policy for any OU that would have those settings greyed out, but I can't? In fact everyone in the domain has the same blue background, when in group policy it is...
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    Best MCSA Bootcamp?

    My boss has authorized exploring the possibility of taking a MCSA boot camp in the near future and I wanted to know which company offers the best program? Any and all input in appreciated! Thanks! :cool:
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    Frequent server synchronization errors?

    We like a lot of networks share drives on our servers and our two servers DC2 and FS1 both have been giving users random synchronization errors. I usually have to open the synchronization utility and OK the synchronization and usually it synchronizes fine. By the way the Windows Firewall is...
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    Help setting Printer and IE7 options in mandatory profile?

    We have 60 agents at my company who have a mandatory roaming profile which is the same for all of them. However, I need to set our laser printer and IE7 settings so they STICK. I will admit up front I am very new to Active Directory, but I am learning everyday. I wanted to know where I...
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    How to sysprep XP Pro and create WDS image?

    Ok, I have recently installed Windows Server 2003 SP2 and I have setup WDS on my support server. I have copied over the boot.wim image and I can get into the Windows Boot Manager, however I am having issues with preping the XP Pro image to be captured correctly. I already tried once and...
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    Question about dual boot Vista/XP and Upgrading?

    Ok, I have two questions regarding Vista. First, I have a PC at home setup with Vista and XP installed on two separate HDs. I had the Vista boot menu and it worked fine, however I reformatted my XP hard disk and now my PC boots straight into XP. How do I go about getting my boot menu back...
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    Error running javaws.exe "The directory name is invalid" - Permissions issue?

    am attempting to run a VPN client for Sabre. Once I installed their VPN client (installing JRE 1.5 + their custom icon) I am unable to successfully launch the VPN using the desktop icon as a power user in an active directory network environment, however as an admin it works fine. C:\Program...
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    Vista doesn't retain XP file time stamps?

    I recently installed Vista Ultimate and I now dual boot XP Pro & Vista and I have a shared hard drive that was first created with XP and has all my files on it. However, when I go to sort by date modified in Vista it doesn't list any date. This is kind of a bummer because now I can't sort...
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    N00b Win2k3 IT admin needs guidance!

    Hello, this is my first post here on OSNN and I would like to say this is a really great place for Windows help and support! (Thats the reason I joined!) Anyway, I am working my first IT job as a system administrator at a travel agency with roughly 70 Dell XP workstations. I have zero certs...
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    Enhanced Security Account Profile?

    My admin account was created on a Win2003 Server machine and I retained all the server security settings on my account. Now this is very annoying when I am working on user workstations and I need to visit certain websites and I can't fully view the pages. I want to retain the security settings...