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  1. JPRuss

    Reddit Now Fully Customizable

    Hi All, The popular social bookmarking/new site reddit is now allowing users to create their own domains and easily make customizable sub-reddits. I have created mine at I'm still working on the site design, but would appreciate your help in...
  2. JPRuss

    Vista - The next generation in bloatware

    Thought this was funny. From BlimpTV
  3. JPRuss

    Tip: Get OSNN posts in your favorite RSS reader

    Do you like to read everything in your favorite RSS Aggregator? (eg: FeedDemon, Google Reader,etc?) Did you know that most vBulliten style boards allow you to subscribe to new posts? Simply Add: external.php?type=RSS2 to the end of the address of the forumand viola an RSS feed is created...
  4. JPRuss

    Vista hidden "boot" screen

    Hi, Does anyone have Vista running, and not crashing all the time? Someone told me you can change toe an Auroa Boot Screen which is much cooler then the normal blank one that comes up. Apparently you can use msconfig, and check "No GUIboot", and it shows a pretty cool start screen. I...
  5. JPRuss

    How to post to my blog?

    Hi, I'm sure the instructions are posted somewhere, but I am having trouble finding them. Can someone point me to the process required to be able to post my own blog entries. I can't find the answer with search, which doesn't bode well for me finding the answers to the HP Pavillion...