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  1. donte2006

    Resident evil 5 demo

    Just download the demo from PSN and i think it's GREAT!:) if u wanna play together ADD ME: Davey_1586
  2. donte2006

    Toshiba/Bluetooth Problem

    I just got a Toshiba Satellite A215,and when I try to use its bluetooth it says "Please plug in the Bluetooth device and click OK button". Can anyone help?
  3. donte2006

    Do you think that PrisonBreak will survive another season

    well do ya? even though i loved the first season, i always thought that a show called prison break would long after they broke out. i mean the 2nd season wasn't great but im kinda hoping they can pull off another season. but what do u think? :rolleyes:
  4. donte2006

    Youtube/CrashAnime/New Account

    does anyone know CrashAnime aka Gangsteranimecentral what is they're new youtube account if they have one, cuz both accounts recently got supended
  5. donte2006

    Nintendo Channel

    :) nintendo has just released a new channel this morning, where u can download ds demos from the wii to the ds. You can also watch nintendo related videos. I think this is so cool, now I can download new ds demos from home instead of standing around in gamestop.
  6. donte2006

    is super mario galaxy gonna b any better?

    Ok I'm thinking about trading in my SMG game for super smash bros. brawl, so I was wondering if the game has other endings beside the crappy one you for 60 stars. Like is there any more hidden stuff/endings, or is that the one only ending.
  7. donte2006

    iPod to pc transfer

    My hard drive crash and I lost 1000+ songs so long I'm wondering which is the best software to use to copy my iPod straight to my pc. Tune tools or copytrans or maybe there's some others I missed Please a haven't synced my iPod since late sept.
  8. donte2006

    prison take a break

    does anyone think that prison break totally sucks now I mean how many times can u break out. I think someone predicted this " just long can a show called prison break last...they break out the end" I was hooked on the first and second season, but now it just sucks. What do u think?
  9. donte2006

    mario cart wii

    I just heard that there will be a mario cart for the wii in the 2nd Q , but I wonder what will be different about this game than the other ones before it. I guess it will have the stanard hoz. Controls, but what else can they do? I'll be updating this as I learn more. :)
  10. donte2006

    iphone ringtone maker freeware

    does any one know where i can find iphone ringer freeware, not a free trial or uncomplete but a full program for free:laugh: ps:where would i go to get mi iphone fixed?:rolleyes:
  11. donte2006

    Shadowman Cruz? lol

    ok theres a pretty funny vid of this dancing in the shadows check it out here :nervous:
  12. donte2006

    disk boot failure

    ok what does it mean when your computer says disk boot failure? i mean mi computer was until i unpluged ipod before it finished syncing , now every time i turn it on it says "disk boot failure". then it tells me put in system disk but i lost err some threw them away by mistake. so like...
  13. donte2006

    amv video editing help

    I'm trying to make a (amv) but i have clue how or what to do. what kind of software do i use and download some free anime clips:rolleyes: HELP ME (some people have already used the song i am going to use so i have to make it better!!!!!):devious: song: paramore "let the...
  14. donte2006

    iPhone 2.0 Rumors?

    Do you think that there will be a iphone 2 by the late late 07 or early 08 cuz i've heard rumors and i was jus wondering if it's true
  15. donte2006

    Simpsonize Me

    ok so i'm gonna see the simpson movie when it comes out, but till then i was gonna amuse myself by getting "simpsonized". But the site is always busy and I CAN"T GET SIMPSONIZED!:mad: here try it out and see if it works for you (dout it)
  16. donte2006

    selling old games

    Do you think it would be better idea to sell my old games on ebay or trade them in at eb games? the games are Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2(wii), Batman V(gc), Nightshade(ps2), and spiderman 2 (ds)
  17. donte2006

    anyone know the super smash brothers 3 Release Date?

    does anyone know when the game is coming out ... cuz thats the main reason i bought a wii
  18. donte2006

    nintendo ds/dslite xml files

    i've been looking 4 days for a pokemon diamond xml file for my action replay, I have have found one but it was for the jpn version. so when i put it on my AR the game id didn't match, so if you guys could help me in my search for AR xml files sites or tell me about one that you've...
  19. donte2006

    Action replay codes

    hey do you guys know any other sites other codesjunkies that has pokemon dia action replay codes, or other Ds codes? (codes sites that will not mess my Ds up):dead:
  20. donte2006

    The Zink???

    have u guys heard of ploroids new mobile printer the Zink, it looks really cool:nervous: i think the first ones are coming out at the end of this year. and could change the printing biz alot over the nezt few years. they releaseing printer, digital cameras, and maybe more. i can't wait for it...