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    Click, Click, Sigh

    Hi all, Some of you may remember me from way back when - I must apologise in advance, as this will seem cheeky (not posting for so long and then coming back to ask for help), but as a rule of thumb I've never built a computer without consulting you guys first. So, I've been toying with...
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    Hardware Specification Check, Please!

    Now, a few of you may have noticed my warnings a little while ago... It's that time of the decade, when I finally spend way too much on a PC! Soooo.. hopefully the end of September, I'll be ordering the following items (or as close to as I can find). But basically, if anyone who's free/bored...
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    [C] A Few Challenging Questions

    A friend of mine stumbled across the following site: It's basically made up of questions that are meant to get you into the right state of mind for an interview, apparently. Although, most of them so far have just confused the sweet jesus out...
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    Java Design Patterns

    Now this is a last second ditch attempt to try and understand WHY design patterns are actually useful? I've got notes, and plenty of internet sources that can explain all of them in the typical verbose ways. But my question is, to anyone out there with experience with java design patterns...
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    Proxy bypass?

    Can't remember if i posted here or not in the end.. Had a dilemma a while back, was trying to find a way to bypass the proxy on my uni connection, because tbf.. I'm bored of just being able to surf and use msn (to a limited functionality).. now I'm back here, and it's buggin' me again! Anyone...
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    php help

    Hey guys, Got a major favour for all you php guys out there, now I've asked before for a dynamic sig, which i still have the php code for.. but i need something maybe a bit more advanced.. see if you guys could help me out on this one.. I'm after "Write relevant HTML web pages and PHP to view...
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    Job Prospects?

    Heya guys, .. now this'll sound stupid, so i'll explain the situation, up until i got my exam results i thought i was sorted for uni, etc etc. buuuut, now i've gotten the results, i've got to go through clearing, got raped by a chem a level, missed the c by 3 marks :rolleyes: got me b in maths...
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    Belkin website always down?

    Hey guys, coming up to do a good clean of the system (something's up with it currently.. dirty unremovable spyware by the looks) annnnd.. some bugger in the household's used some of my cds and not put them back in the cd case! Now, i'll need my belkin drivers for my network card as soon as i'm...
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    Random Crashes and Restarts

    Heya guys, My mates been having quite a bit of problem with his new pc; The parts i know of his pc off the top of my head are as follows: Pentium 4 3ghz MSI Neo2 2x 512 TwinX Corsair XMS Pro Antec Truepower 480watt 6800 Ultra Riiiight, i think that's right enough anyways. He's been having a...
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    Fluctuating volume with Audigy

    Heya guys (not been around for a while) I've been noticing more and more frequently that my speakers seems to be fluctuating in volume. I'm not moving either of my volume controls (one being on keyboard, and obviously the speaker set) - and it can get pretty loud one second and back down to...
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    Rundll32.exe 100% CPU usage

    Evening all, My brother's having some issues at the moment, whereby 100% cpu usage (or there, there abouts) is being used by Rundll32.exe I dunno what's causing this :crosseyed: Any ideas? Cheers, -Wraith.
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    Multiple sigs..

    Now.. I know i've seen a thread at sometime, and i've searched around.. but how do people have diff sigs on refresh? I know, probably deserve a slap.. but i was thinking of messin' around with it :) Cheers all
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    Hotmail Virus Checker?

    Hey all, Weren't sure where to post.. But someone's sent me a .doc over hotmail, and it's picked it up as avirus.. and i know for a fact that it isn't! :( Anyone know of away to bypass their damn virus checker? This is parts of cswk i've got to hand in i'd done on his pc and he can't send...
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    Stupid adblock problem

    Urghh.. well clever ol' me who recent found the wonder of adblock..(not the extension, but a change to the usercontent.css file) .. i'veblocked all pictures from OSNN... which.. urgh, isn't good. Ican't see the rep button, the post button, any avatars.. and trieduninstalling Firefox and...
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    Cheeky Sig/Av request

    Hey all, no matter what I've tried my amateur skills always end up with pretty poor, mediocre signatures and avatars. If anyone's got a few mins to whip something up I'd be much ablidged(Judging on some of the other sig's i've seen created fromrequestions..they all look great and i'm sure they...
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    UK - Custom Fees?

    Hey all, This is mainly towards people in the UK that have ordered previously from america! My brother's hoping to order some memory from but i'm tryingto work out for him if it's actually worth him ordering it, paydelivery, then the chance of customs searching fees compared to...
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    Lamarr's big day

    For those of you that are Half Life fans, or just enjoy a good ol' bit of humour. This vid is great :) Lamarr's Big Day!!
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    The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator

    Dunno if anyone's posted this before.. but found this genius! :D clicky the above translated: DUNO IF ANYONES POSTED THIS BFORA.1111!11!1!!1! OMG LOL BUT FOUND THIS G3NIUS1!!!!!!! OMG (yeah i'm bored) (YAAH IMM BORED)
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    Just thinking; if i had an extra £60-80, would it be worth putting anew harddrive into my new system (ordering tomorrow). My currentone's a MAXTOR 6L080J4 (80 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133). You think it'd be worth it? and if so, any one's within that price range?
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    Dilemma with Upgrade

    Alright Ladies and Gents; I said I wouldn't be back again about this damn subject, but I am! Right: Dilemma: Buy an FX-55 (which has gone back up in price!), Neo2 plat, 6800Ultra, NeoPower 480watt and keep my ram (Cas 2.5 PC2700 Corsair value select series) (And be in debt for about 2...