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    Talented Kids.

    That's really amazing...they r really talented...awesome work by the two kids.
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    I am Engaged!

    Congrats and celebrations..october is here?So when r u getting married?
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    Happy birthday j79zlr!

    wish u a very happy and prosperous birthday.May God bless you.
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    System is a bit wacky all of a sudden

    Thanks for the information. I didn't knew about winternals.Will you just tell me more about this??
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    That's a good one.I also tried it.Thanks for tht..:)
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    Mouse lock on iBook G4?

    So did you sort it out?
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    The Salmon Dance

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    Funny Video Thread

    Thats interesting:))
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    Call of Duty 4 Beta UK/Ireland

    What is this all about?
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    See you all soon

    Have A Good Time:)
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    Your ultimate laptop?

    speed/power/featuresand ofcourse price..
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    A funny interview

    Officer : What Is Your Name ? Candidate : M P. Sir Officer : Tell Me Properly Candidate : Mohan Pal Sir Officer : Your Father's Name ? Candidate : M P. Sir Officer : What Does That Mean ? Candidate : Manmohan Pal Sir Officer : Your Native Place Candidate : M...
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    Mouse acceleration solved

    Good peice of information.. thanks dude...:)
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    SUMo - Software Updates Monitor - BETA TESTERS WANTED

    Thanks for the inofrmation and the url.
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    Internet explorer search

    Deleting from the browsing history should not show up the letter again.
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    Happy Birthday dave holbon

    belated happy birthday. I hope he enjoyed his day...
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    7600gt Td

    TD is MSI naming style. It is not an nVidia standard.
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    [View *before* eating. Or Ideally Never] The Tightest Jeans Ever

    Re: The Tightest Jeans Ever Thats a good shot...
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    Movie title:

    The life of a black man