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  1. JPRuss

    Internet and Router

    well, it somwhat depends on how your router works, But for most off the shelf routers, they use something called "NAT" network address translation. There is no need to configure a proxy server. The router will have a private IP Address that it will assign to your machine with DHCP which will...
  2. JPRuss

    Pagefile = fragmentation?

    For the most part, I would agree with LordOfLA, the best idea is to have your page file on a completely different disk and on a seperate IDE (or SATA cable). The CPU can easily manage 2 hard disks at once and it will greatly increase your performance. The part I would disagree with is that you...
  3. JPRuss

    Cheap / Effective Portable GPS for Cars?

    If it were me and I had the money (someday) I'd get one of the RX5915 PDA's with GPS bulit in. You can get the car mounts as well on ebay for under $250 (refurbished). I can't give personal experiance yet, but it's one I have my eyes on You can read more about it at...
  4. JPRuss

    Windows XP, Logon Screen, Standby?

    Not that I'm aware of. I would think even if it does go into standby it would wakeup on RDP Is it setup for automatic updates? If so XP could have shut itself down to install the updates and depending upon the power configuration, it might only startup when the user presses the power button.
  5. JPRuss

    Winmail.dat files in Outlook 2007

    Correct, Though I feel it important to point out that the "messed" up part is happening because the orginal message (in RTF) is not following proper internet standards when it is sent. The systems recieving the message are just doing their best to interpret the message; and that is to assume...
  6. JPRuss

    Winmail.dat files in Outlook 2007

    Oh, and if the message is sent over X500 (exchange server -> exchange server) you should not see the attachment either, so long as it does not pass through SMTP you should be allright
  7. JPRuss

    Winmail.dat files in Outlook 2007

    But you are talking about the message being sent over the internet right? If you just mean within the same exchange server, then I agree this should not happen. But it will happen over the internet for several reasons 1) M$ is not sending a standard email packet when they send the RTF...
  8. JPRuss

    Winmail.dat files in Outlook 2007

    [BEGIN RANT] The problem is with Outlook RTF files, which was a very dumb implementation on M$ part [END RANT] You can send emails in 3 mods (Plain Text - the best !), HTML (The 2nd best but won't work for everyone, and the worst (Rich Text, which may work if the moon and stars are aligned...
  9. JPRuss

    Control+Alt+Delete through RDC

    For RDP it's CTRL-ALT-END Here's a view others as well VMWARE -> Ctrl-Alt-Ins Virtual PC -> Host-Delete (Virtual PC - 'Host' defaults to Right-Alt) Citrix -> Ctrl-F1
  10. JPRuss

    Reddit Now Fully Customizable

    Hi All, The popular social bookmarking/new site reddit is now allowing users to create their own domains and easily make customizable sub-reddits. I have created mine at I'm still working on the site design, but would appreciate your help in...
  11. JPRuss

    Network Setup Help

    Hi Akash, If I'm understanding correctly, I think the problem is your name resolution. You system is probably using NetBios to resolve the \\webserver name into an ip address. NetBios is non-transportable and therefore broadcasts will not work over multiple networks. You will need to setup a...
  12. JPRuss

    interesting vista validation thingy

    Very few times, have I ever had to actually validate by phone, activiation over the internet almost always works, even when I change several pieces of hardware, I've even moved hard drives with vista from one machine to another machine and still no problems. The only time I really ever had a...
  13. JPRuss

    Toshiba/Bluetooth Problem

    Are you sure it has bluetooth? I think Toshiba bundles their own bluetooth stack (the software for accessing bluetooth devices / not native to the windows), but that doesn't necessarily mean that bluetooth is built in.
  14. JPRuss

    Opening Ports

    Your other computers do not have to have a static IP address. Only the machine that the port is forwarding to must be static. What can happen, is that the DHCP server (running on your router) may attempt to assign an IP Address to another computer that matches the static one that the first...
  15. JPRuss

    Belkin Router Problem

    It could also be your DNS going down. If you are connected to other internet services and DNS goes down, it won't make much difference as the DNS lookup is complete, but DNS lookups happen much more frequently with web browsing so you may not be able to access sites. You can easily verify this...
  16. JPRuss


    I love portable apps, I use it all the time. In fact, I'm using it now to write this post with Portable Firefox. I have found it best to disable caching to disk with Portable Firefox, and just use a temp memory cache to improve efficiency. Definitely recommened it !
  17. JPRuss

    Odd Issue

    Some good instructions on removing Boujour BTW - Are you using a wired or wireless connection? Boujour is Apple's ZeroPointConf implementation, so basically it tries to keep sending out...
  18. JPRuss

    Outlook mail says full/it's empty

    Are we talking about a work account? Do you know if you are connected to an exchange server? A couple of suggestions: 1) Make sure your deleted items is empty (this happens to me a lot) 2) Click on your folder list (if outlook 2003 or above). Look for a folder called 'Mailbox - Your Name'. Is...
  19. JPRuss

    Raid Setup (new harddrive)

    Hi, I might also suggest (if you have the money) getting a Drobo
  20. JPRuss

    WMP associated with opening .exe files

    Are you able to get into the registry and delete a subkey? HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\exe If this key exists look for a sub-key called UserChoice, if it exists, then delete it. This should revert back to original Windows Vista default...