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  1. hndlthis

    My keyboard is acting up...

    my keyboard is acting up... it either doesnt type letters sometimes or it acts as if im holding a letter down and it repeats that letter. I noticed this after I installed AIM (AOL instant messenger). It is a wireless keyboard... I changed the batteries, so it's not that.... I don't have it...
  2. hndlthis

    Adobe Acrobat 7 window opens all the time...

    I recently installed Acrobat Reader 7 (an upgrade recommendation by Adobe) and now everytime I reboot, The install folder opens up. I'm not sure how to get it not to... but it's really irritating. I'm working with a brand new copy of WinXP Pro and I have no viruses or spyware. Please...
  3. hndlthis

    can't get picture to show up as sig

    I know this has been asked 1 million times... but... i cant get my picture to show up in my signature. this is the address where its located: any help would be appreciated!!
  4. hndlthis

    New since Automatic Windows Update

    New popup since Automatic Windows Update How do I get rid of this popup? I can't figure out how... it's really annoying. It happens every time I go to yahoo. See picture below
  5. hndlthis

    BackWeb Lite

    How do I get rid of this? It comes up with 60 Reg Keys in Spybot S&D...
  6. hndlthis

    Remove Trymedia Folder

    I got a folder from somewhere... it's called "Trymedia". It's on the C drive in Program files... How do I get rid of it? I've deleted it numerous times and it comes back... I've used spybot, hijack this and adaware... won't go away.
  7. hndlthis

    Fried motherboard... but fried power supply?

    Hello experts, I could use some advice. Two computers exist. Computer A and computer B. Computer B's power supply is 500W, 12v, Aspire model Atx-AS500W. Computer A's power supply gave off a big stink and computer A ceased to boot. I took computer B's power supply and put it in computer...
  8. hndlthis

    Deletes whole C Drive?

    Is there a new virus out that is spread by email that can delete your whole c drive? I was just 'warned' about it in an email from my cousin, but she often (about 97% of the time) gets fake emails warning her about these viruses that can do such things from her friends...
  9. hndlthis

    Log on screen... and WildTangent

    Get Ride of Welcome screen How do I get my computer to not stop at the Log on screen... It shows my account name and I have to click on it to log on to Windows. I never had to do this before. I think it happened after I uninstalled WildTangent... I don't know. Also, How do I get rid of the...
  10. hndlthis

    MSN Messenger

    MSN Messenger keeps telling me that I need to close stuff whenever I am trying to get rid of the icon down in the tray over by my clock... I attached the message I get to this post... I have nothing open when I am trying to do this... Why is it telling me this?
  11. hndlthis

    Norton Anti-Virus

    Is there a way to change the default scanning time from 8pm on Friday to a different time? Maybe something a little more convenient for me?
  12. hndlthis

    Close Real Player Start Center

    Is there a way to delete the Real Player Start Center from my taskbar/ notification area - Like... not to choose the option "always hide"?
  13. hndlthis

    Change Folder Icon

    I was wondering if there is a way to change the image of the folder icon in Windows XP Professional - like how my Favorites folder has a star.... This one specific folder I have isn't easy to spot right away.
  14. hndlthis

    W32.spybot worm

    I got a worm by downloading something, but that's besides the point. I didn't find out that I had a worm until about 3 days ago (my computer wasn't chugging or anything or doing weird things that I could notice). My brother came home for the holiday and installed Norton 2003 and a few other...
  15. hndlthis

    is there any way...?

    When I save a picture from a website, the folder it defaults to is "my pictures". Is there a way I can default it to go to my desktop? This is annoying...
  16. hndlthis

    is it possible to get rid of these?

    I was just curious if there is any way to get rid of the "my documents", "my pictures" and the "my music" folders? I don't ever use them and I would like them to not come back. Is this even possible? If so, how would I do it?
  17. hndlthis

    homepage gone...

    I was on my computer this morning and everything was fine. I come home from work, and I try to get on to IE.... and as soon as I doulbe click on the icon, it spit an error message out at me. It said something like "can not find.... file path.... Make sure the file name or path is correct." I...
  18. hndlthis

    red sheriff

    What exaclty is Red Sheriff? Ad Aware 6 pulls it up sometimes...
  19. hndlthis

    weird noises

    My computer started making weird noises.... It's a September 2002 Dell... It was making a whining noise and a rattling noise... could it be a fan that's going? Or something different....
  20. hndlthis

    error popup

    A lot lately, I've been getting this popup window in IE... "A runtime error had occured. Do you wish to debug? Line: 1 Error: Syntax Error Yes No" Is this something to do with my computer or is it something else? How would I fix it? Sometimes when I clicked 'yes' to debug it...