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    Remove USB key?

    Is there anyway to make it seem(pretend) like a USB key has been unplugged from the system?
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    Toolbar Icons

    I have a custom toolbar in my Taskbar that points to a folder on my local system. I do not want the icons to appears to the right of the toolbar name instead I want a drop down list to appear. Any ideas? See image below:
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    Audio Question

    How can I determine if it is my laptops speaker or the motherboard that is not allowing me to hear audio?
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    Hard Drive Diagnostics

    Does anyone know a good Hard drive diagnostics tool. I want to determine if my hard drive is failing..... any advice?
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    Make USB ISO

    I have formatted a USB key a certain way and have multiple files on it. I would like to create a exact copy of the usb key..... any ideas? I was thinking maybe an ISO or something?
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    Driver Questions

    When I visit the drivers and support website some of these devices have multiple do I know which is the best to install on my system? This is an HP DC5700 Microtower...
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    Format USB key?

    I would like to format a USB to a certain size. My USB is can I make it so you only see 1 GB? Or so that no one can write to the USB key once passing 1GB in size?
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    System Tray App

    I wanna make an application that is never has to be run but is alaways in the system tray. When you click on it a pop up appears. When you close it it goes back to sys tray.... Any help?
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    Picture Using VBS

    Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew how I could make a message box/pop up appear. But instead of text I want an image I made to take up the whole box. Any suggestions/ideas? I am trying to use VBScript.
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    Monitor Device for USB Drivers

    Does anyone how to tell what drivers/files a usb device installs or uses? Is there an application out there that can determine this?
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    Default File Upload location?

    How do I change the default "File Upload" directory (which is currently C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\) to something else? I'm talking about the one that shows up when you click on 'Browse...' for e-mail attachments. Yes, if I change the path to something else, select something there, then...
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    Cannot Change File Name

    How can I make a file (txt) so that that the filename could not be changed. I have already made it ReadOnly but I don't want anyone to change the name of either. Any advice?
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    Icon Maker?

    What is an easy tool to make icons for applications?
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    Make a bootable SD card?

    Does anyone know how to make a bootable SD card?
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    Dual-boot Vista/WinPE

    Does anybody know how to dual-boot a Windows Vista(bitlocker enabled) and a WinPE environment from the same HDD?
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    GMail Notifier

    I have my g-mail opened in my web browser but I don't wanna keep checkign if mail has arrived anyone know of a free tool to alert me ? Kind of like Outlook?
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    Memory Tester?

    Is there a utility that checks if the RAM is failing or defective in a system?
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    Word - References

    I was wondering if anybody knew of documentation out there as to how MS Word 2007 references explorer/file viewer when clicking the Open/Save function from the File Menu?
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    Self Unpack

    How can I write a self-unpacking exe file to create an install of a portable version of an application?
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    How to turn off notification?

    Does anyone know how to disable this notification ins OUtlook 2007?