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    my bed made it into the new millenium

    Always flipping the pillow to relish the cool side? Constantly freezing while your partner is too hot? I work with ChiliTechnology - the makers of the ChiliPad. The ChiliPad is a mattress that uses water to warm or cool the bed from 48 to 118F. Similar to semi-conductor technology - the...
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    They got my vote, err…goat.

    I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever given to a charity before…but this video actually inspired me: YouTube - I Want a Goat (EXPLICIT) "I'm On a Boat" spoof for charity
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    Sweeney Todd trailer

    I got a new trailer for Sweeney Todd in my inbox this morning. Can't wait. It'll be interesting to see the way Tim Burton realizes this story, I've only ever seen it on stage. I'm glad it ended up being him, even if people are saying that this is just another Tim Burton stylized piece that...
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    My 85-year-old grandpa is online

    My grandpa just got his first computer. He’s pretty good at the point and click thing. He wants to learn Photoshop. It’s pretty cute to see this little 85-year-old gentleman on the internet. We both got an easy video chat app ( so that we can have conversations without...
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    anyone like spoken word?

    I'm looking for suggestions. So far I have discovered that I like things inspired by the psychedelic generation. I have two of Timothy Leary's albums, like those, especially "You can be anything this time around". I also really dig this guy: who mixes primal...
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    WMP question?

    I have a cool integrated headset MP3 player from Otto: that I’m very fond of. I’m having a little difficulty putting my music on it, though, it uses Windows Media Player to load the songs and I put songs from my buddy’s MP3 player on my computer (he has...
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    what bluetooth headset do you use and why?

    I use this car kit when I'm in my car: and this headset when I'm not: I _never_ put my head against my cell phone anymore. I started to feel it, so I don't care what science says, it makes me feel funny. The...
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    Armed and Famous

    Anyone heard about this new reality show from CBS? Saw some clips here: It looks like exactly the kind of TV I love, random primo celebs thrown together to complete police academy in Indiana. Erik Estrada is on the show, which cracks me up...
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    video game toilets

    Look, it’s the 12 best video game toilets of all times: I thought it was interesting that they were almost all FPS games. I guess you can look at the toilets better from a first person perspective. I also thought they...
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    Stand-up Routine of the day

    So I’m a huge comedy fan and I thought I’d start this thread to share some of my favorite routines with y’all. I doubt I’ll get to it every day, but I’ll try to get to it at least a few times a week. Here’s the first installment: Listen to Marketing & Advertising by Bill Hicks ...
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    Help me decide on what HDTV to buy

    I'm leaning heavily towards the 4th option, heard good things about DLP projectors:
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    Seoul, S. Korea May 04 : South Korean bee farmer Ahn Sang-Kyu protests Japan's claim of sovereignty over disputed islets May 4, 2006 in Seoul, South Korea. Ahn, a local bee farmer, released over 140,000 bees and attracted them to his body to protest Japan's sovereignty claims over a tiny group...
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    DDR flash game thing

    Wasn't sure where to put this, it's a silly flash game: I spent about three hours playing this at work today… a very good way to waste some time. High score was: 75,400. Yours? I guess if you’re really good you can win free copies of...
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    Condemned: Criminal Origins

    Just finished playing the demo for this game, so sweet, lots of bludgeoning transients with objects not primarily designated as weapons (a.k.a "die hobo junkie at the hand of my rustily nailed 2x4!"). I'm gonna get myself a copy for PC, methinks. Anyone played the full game? How is it? Demo...
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    What do you think is the fastest way to text message?

    What do you think? I ask because I had a sidekick forever that I just dropped in a glass of water about a month ago, and now I'm back to a regualar phone. I used to think that QWERTY keyboards were da bomb, and that nothing was easier or faster, but now I've discovered predictive text and...
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    PSP: Death Jr.

    Anyone picked it up yet? How is it? I'm gonna grab a copy after work. Looks awfully cute. There's a contest for a free copy on the official site:
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    Funny website from Konami lets you attack other websites

    Ha. Using this link you can attack websites with weapons from Coded Arms: I shot a DS, what'd you shoot?
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    Best PSP games thus far?

    Just got my PSP, what's out there that's good?