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    Girls Fail Compilation

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    Funny Video Thread

    Here are some funny pranks I like: Blood Shower Prank: Funny Ghost Prank from Japan (Scary Version): Glory Hole Prank:
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    play old games with new OSs

    hey cool thanks for the tip - would be cool to play some old games like original doom again. at the moment i use scummvm - i love to play the old point and click games at the moment :D just need to find out if DOSbox is compatible with win7 - then i will give it a try :)
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    PS3 Slim...who's going for it?

    ive sold my ps3 slim last days on ebay... better now at 2012 than 2013 where i expect a new sony console... and then the prices will drop dead for the ps3 :dead:
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    free wake-up call/alarm tool for win7

    Do you know a good free wake up call tool for win7? I tried a plug for Winamp (WinAlarm 2 point 6) but for my taste it has too many options and after 30 days it dont saves the settings anymore - so not really free. Important for me is that I can play a mp3 as wake up tune. Or does win7 provides...