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  1. kop48

    Other Workgroup machines cannot see Vista

    Hey, I've got a small problem, not sure how to fix it. I'd really like to, otherwise my MCE box upstairs can't access the stuff on this Vista PC. Basically, none of the Windows machines can see my PC on the network, but can ping and can also access it directly fine, either via IP or name...
  2. kop48

    My Vista Experience

    Well, I installed Vista yesterday. How did it go? I'm back to XP! =P Basically, two big problems: dwm.exe (the window compositor) just went to 100% CPU usage a couple of times, for no reason. This happened mostly when using WMP along with it. I had to reboot to stop it, as task manager...
  3. kop48

    GOLD, Baby!

    Source: Finally!
  4. kop48

    I smell RTM...

    Looks like MS is still on track for RTM - we shouldn't expect any delays:
  5. kop48

    RC2 on Friday? This should be a good build to get....