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    Who is this chick

    Anyone know for sure who this is?
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    DVD's not being recognized

    I have no idea whats going on here but my DVD player will recognize everything but a DVD. I have tried new DVD's and DVD's that I have played in it before. It's been a few months since I watched a DVD on it so I have no idea if its from some software that I installed or what. I have also tried a...
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    ü How???

    How do I go about typing typing the 2 dots above the u like this one that I copied ü ??????
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    How to mute MP3 while line in is used

    Heres the deal, I do recording off of a scanner radio onto my computer. The software that I use for the scanner radio will only open the line in on the computer when there is a transmission. If I have a mp3 or cd playing I would like it to mute the mp3 or cd only when the scanner is transmitting...
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    Woman sells father's ghost on eBay

    I tried finding this on ebay but turned up with nothing.
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    Video Problem

    I get a lot of videos that have a green tint covering the whole scene. If I play the video a few times then it clears up some but not all the way. Anyone know what the problem could be here? I know I downloaded the right codec for them.
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    Road Runner ISP ?

    Anyone here use Road Runner? If so what kind of speeds are you getting? I just moved into my new house and my DSL here blows, so Im looking at getting cable internet.
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    Gmail Problems?

    Am I the only one having problems with Gmail? I keeps getting a message saying: Oops... The system was unable to perform your operation. Please try again in a few seconds.
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    Umm Post count

    Im sure the answer is somewhere on this forum but why did my post count go down again :confused: Everytime I start to get somewhere, something happens and I loose tons of posts :(
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    BEWARE OF HACKERS!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Ray Charles

    What happened to the Ray Charles thread that I started last night? The poor guy dies and someone deletes his thread :confused:
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    woot woot (NBA Playoffs - Pistons Versus Lakers)

    The Bad Boys Are BACK!!!
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    OSNN icon

    When is OSNN going to get a favorites icon? Looks kinda bare up there on my links bar :D
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    Mouse and Keyboard Problem

    Dont know what happened but heres the story. I got a new case today and swapped everything over into it and now my mouse and keyboard wont work if they are plugged into the PS/2 ports. They work fine in USB but I run a KVM switch that is PS/2. The lights on both of them light up and the F-Lock...
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    Can anyone help me figure out what is causing this. It dont happen everytime but sometimes when I go to this happens. That is the only time that I get this error.
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    Firefox question

    Just so this dont get lost in the other discussion thread I thought I would post it here. How do I get realplayer to launch using Firefox? I tried running nascars pit command when it gave me a message that it cant find realplayer when in fact I do have it. I dont have this problem using IE.
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    Avant Browser

    Why is there no sticky thread for Avant? I have tried Opera and Mozilla and find Avant to be the cream of the crop. Give it a try you just might like it. Get it here
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    Strange Problem Please HELP!!!

    Whenever I try and run regedit, msconfig or task manager they pop up for a couple seconds then close. Anyone have any clues on how I can fix this?
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    Folder Settings resetting

    I am having a problem with getting my folder settings to stay after a restart. When I first had this problem I used the folder settings remembered reg tweak from this site and that fixed it, but now it dont seem to help. Anyone know of another way to get the settings to stay?
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    Strange Problem

    I dont know what I did but if I shutdown or restart my computer using Start-turn off computer-shutdown or resart my mouse and keyboard will not work when it resarts. If I shut it down by pressing the button on the computer everything is fine when it restarts. Anyone know whats up here?