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    Need help. Compellent SC8000 Controller.

    Hey group. Its been a long time. I have come across 2 Dell Compellent SC8000 units. They are in short a nice server though stripped of all internal storage except for an SD card for the Compellent OS. I would like to add 2 SSD drives to this but i dont know the name of this power port dell...
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    Networking, Wifi, Multiple Wifi routers - Mangement

    Hey everyone. Its been a Long Long time since have been on here. Tho i was pondering a question and searching the net trying to find the solution then i remembered this place. So. I have a firewall/router. from that it goes to a Gigabit switch. Then from there i bounce out to 4 Wireless...
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    Lots of desktops into a VM cluster. How???

    Wow i haven't been on here for years. Great to see its still alive. Now that i am back working in tech instead of seeing the world i have a spare project to do at work while im bored. LOL I have about 40 Dell desktop computers. that are just sitting on the shelf. I want to learn. I would...
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    Vmware, wake on lan or similar?

    Hello all. Doing a little project. Im waiting to place eaither a link or RDP link on an internal site that can go to a server with a bunch of VM ware installs on it. What i want is a way for any user to click it. this will power up the enviroment and they can go from there. I already know how...
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    7 goes stupid for network connection

    Ok hard to explain but i will try my best. I have 2 connections active mostly. My VPN connection and my hardwired connection Both have dns and the ip's and all the jazz. I find my internet will randomly stall some times and when i disable the vpn it works. I DO NOT get internet...
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    Boot CD that will allow me to load USB drivers.

    Ok heres the situation. Rack server. doing testing with windows 7 and some application base. It does not have Boot from USB properly. Nor does it have a DVD drive. We have one on order but its 2 weeks back ordered. I dont want to wait I want to install 7 on this machine. What im...
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    High speed data link between 2 computers

    Ok so set up is i have 2 computers. both with storage arrays. One has a lot of processing power and i want to use this box to encode the hd storage to move over to xbox and all that. all thoes apps are set up but.... there is a lot of storage on the other computer. I want to make a high...
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    Network share of drive. stuck....

    What i am trying to do here is have an open share of the root to a drive its self. there are 2 drives i want to share for the network so anyone who is on our wifi or hooks up to the network physicaly can access these without a user name or anything... it was simple in vista and lower but for...
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    Network copy utility

    Simple question, Is there a tool out there that is better than the windows copy utility? I am moving a bunch of media data from one server to anouther over the network. network is gigabit but its 4tb worth of data. anyone have any imput? Both servers are windows 2008.
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    Windows 7, performance on note and net books.

    Hey people out there all over the world. yes windows 7 is out. most of us have a copy of it, 64 or 32, cracked or legit. Should be legit since today is may 5th and they give it away for free so hmmm. strange actions by people. anyways Reviews. thoughts. ideas. heck maybe something that ms...
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    Sharepoint Data search/CMS???

    Ok so we have sharepoint deployed here in the office. now for the tech suppot people there is a web site made for all there reference material. it is a pain to navigate. there are aound 500 documents that are in there. and more to be added. is there anyway to make like a wiki in sharepoint...
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    hotmail and live.. can you sign in?

    random issue im seeing with a lot of friends. they cant sign into or accounts... like checking email through the web. anyone out here confirm this too???
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    Fixed Page load error. both come up with page load error. unless you do any idea? anyone else?
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    chkdsk EA records.

    CRCdisk.sys, wont Boot. laptop i have here has some issues. when booting vista 32 SP1 it stops at CRCdisk.sys so did my research and found its some files with windows most commonly. so just blew away the disk and start over. same issue. formatted it with acronis and did a secure wipe. tried...
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    Home File server OS choices

    Well doing some upgrades to the home file server and the networking. I have some options to play with. not sure what ones to do yet. Mainly sitting with the OS decision. Right now its XP pro. was simple to set up and quick. I can continue with XP. I have a server 2003 license. a...
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    Con-ficker botnet.

    First. not sure if this is the correct forum but its the closest i saw. Yes we know its out there. yes we know there is a patch. Yes we know what to do when something is infected.. BUT...... question is. I have a large area network here of many comptuers. is there any way to detect this...
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    Google earth KML file help

    hey guys im trying to plot about 98 points in google earth. reading and playing around with the KML files. i have my excel sheet with all my long and lat names. other than one my one writing it into an kml file does someone know of a quick way to imput this data???
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    Tell a program to use one specific network.

    Hello all. question. i have a wired connection and a wifi connection. the wired connection provides me with my tools i need at work. where the wifi is open and well a backup line i want to connect too and have one program specifically use that line. like say.... utorrent. instead of having...
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    Cant install vista X64. not sure why

    Trying to install vista 64 on my lenovo T60 laptop. I have the Intel T2500 CPU and the rest of the hardware i thought was 64bit. When i go to instlal windows 64 it says it can not continue. it is not 64bit compatable. can someone inform me of what i am doing wrong. Below are my system...
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    15 inch touch tablet.

    Hmmm looking around for a true tablet. ha ha ha saw it on Stargate atlantis and well i want one. ive looked through the net with no luck. kinda looking for one that is just a touch screen. no keyboard. cdrom is not really needed. it would be very convent for work but asking out on here to...