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  1. Zedric

    MX700 won't charge

    My trusty old MX700 is starting to act strangely. Last night, I was going to charge it (which is tricky on a good day thanks to the cradle construction). Anyway, instead of the red flashing led turning green, it just started to flash faster, still in red. Wtf? I tried it a couple of times and...
  2. Zedric

    Überphatt storage rig?

    The company I work for is restructuring the server infrastructure for a customer. There is a good chance that we need to buy two new servers for them, one terminal server and one file server. The terminal server will store most of its data on the file server, so dual gigabit is preferrable. The...
  3. Zedric

    FAH sig downtime

    Hey everyone! I've just signed the contract for a new apartment, right in the middle of the city. I will now have one block to the train station and four blocks to the party street. Really sweet. :) No more three mile rides to get to anywhere at all... Anyway, I'm moving September 1st, which...
  4. Zedric

    TPB raided by police

    On May 31st, police raided the offices of The Pirate Bay, one of the world's largest BitTorrent sites. Full story: I don't think this one will stick. No earlier legal threats have led to anything. The fact that they closed down the...
  5. Zedric

    Startup trouble

    I'm running sqlgrey as greyfiltering for a OS X Server mail server. I've set it to start automatically on bootup since it's needed for any mail to be received at all. I've listed MySQL in the StartupParameters.plist as it's needed for the grey/whitelist data. The problem is, when the machine...
  6. Zedric

    Happy Birthday to... me?

    Hi y'all! I know I'm not around much anymore, but it's always nice tog get that "Happy Birthday" email from the forum. :) Strange thing though, the forum doesn't list me as a birthday member. Odd I think? I hope everyone are ok and are having a great easter! I sure am. :)
  7. Zedric

    Gingerbread mod

    Not sure if this counts as a mod per se, but it's very cool if you ask me! :) Gingerbread computer Part 1: Part 2: Merry Christmas everybody!
  8. Zedric

    Critical OSX 10.1 file system weirdness

    Today I noticed something strange (or rather my boss did, it's his mail). In $mailroot/Users/myboss/Mail/Companies/ there are folders from A to Z with mail from companies starting with each letter. We noticed that in the E folder, there is suddenly nothing! And I mean nothing, not even . and ...
  9. Zedric

    DNS server on OS X Server 10.4.3 (BIND 9.2.2)

    I'm setting up a DNS server in OS X Server 10.4.3 (BIND 9.2.2). It's an internal DNS server to look up computers on a private IP range. There's this very nice gui for it, but it's rather limited to be honest. I've set up the first domain and it's working (let's call it The domain has...
  10. Zedric

    Mastering Swedish (hilarious)

    Here's a great opportunity to learns some Swedish for you guys! Listen to it, it's really hilarious. I was laughing like crazy. :D Main page: Direct links to the lessons:
  11. Zedric

    Broadband happiness

    Translated parts: Source (swedish): Guess who just moved into one of their apartments? :D Woot!
  12. Zedric

    Compact thread?

    This is odd. This particular thread is veeeery compact. Anyone else get this? FireFox 1.02 and IE gives the same result. Reloading won't help.
  13. Zedric

    Anti-piracy in Sweden

    I don't know if you've heard this, but in Sweden the APB (Anti-Piracy Beureau) currently seems to be at open war with file sharers. It's been escalating for a while, but now all hell seems to have broken loose. I guess it started when APB started to get search warrants for a few people. March 7...
  14. Zedric

    Weird referrer stats

    I run an Apache web server (hosting the folding sigs among other things) and I've been getting some weird referrers in the logs lately. Many of the referrers are normal, like and so on, but some of them show up as XXXX:++++++++. The number of + varies from...
  15. Zedric

    Computer Case Project finished!

    I've mensioned a few times that me and my brother have been building acase for his computer. Well now it's finished and I've put up some infoand pictures about the build on the web. You can find it on Enjoy! Sorry for spamming everyone. ;)
  16. Zedric

    Linux finds eth0, but yet no eth0?

    I have a slight problem with my NIC. It's an onboard NIC (RTL8100) stuck on an Abit BD7II-RAID motherboard. When I try to install Gentoo (or run Knoppix for that matter), the NIC is detected and the system tries to get an IP through DHCP. The problem is the NIC won't light up. When I run...
  17. Zedric

    Annoying graphics error!

    I'll put this in general hardware as I'm not entirely sure exactly where the problem is. But this is the problem. I just got my parts for the new computer today. Finally everything is up and running (had a really annoying snag befor I got AHCI and NCQ working on the hdd). Except one thing. I...
  18. Zedric

    Adding memory and getting none??

    I have a slightly strange problem with an Abit BD7II-RAID mobo. It has three memory slots and supports up to 2 GB RAM. I now has 1 GB RAM (2x512). When I add a third 512 module (to get 1.5 GB) the computer still reports only 1 GB total. If I swap all the memory around in all combinations I still...
  19. Zedric

    Christmas Upgrades

    It's this time of year again, upgrade time! Well, tbh, I'll be replacing pretty much the whole computer except my Audigy 2 card and one hdd. So anyway, let's start off with the mobo and CPU. The requirements are SATA (with NCQ is possible), Gbit LAN, PCI Express, four DDR slots and...
  20. Zedric

    I am now a licensed driver!

    Yay! I got my license today! :) Until last night the weather was fine, but then it started snowing like hell and it snowed all day today. First time I ever drove in snow was during the test today. :D Got it anyway. :) Party tonight! ;)