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    A funny interview

    Officer : What Is Your Name ? Candidate : M P. Sir Officer : Tell Me Properly Candidate : Mohan Pal Sir Officer : Your Father's Name ? Candidate : M P. Sir Officer : What Does That Mean ? Candidate : Manmohan Pal Sir Officer : Your Native Place Candidate : M...
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    the new Kaspersky AV component in the latest ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7 is broken

    A number of users are reporting that the new Kaspersky AV component in the latest ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7 is broken. And broken in such a way as to leave your system unprotected while appearing to be fully functional. The problem manifests itself after a successful installation with the AV...
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    mental instituion

    Three patients in a mental institution prepare for an examination given by the head psychiatrist. If the patients pass the exam, they will be free to leave the hospital. However, if they fail, the institution will detain them for seven years.The doctor takes the three patients to the top of a...
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    What on board graphics comes with a P4 motherboard?

    I am looking for a new computer and i was wondering what kind of graphic card is is integrated into the P4 intel cpu and if it's any good or if I should go out and buy another?
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    How to network Windows 98?

    I have a computer that use to use xp but I had to reformat it so it has windows 98 on it now and I dont know how to renetwork it again. My other computer that is in the network runs off of win xp. I am not familiar with networking a computer with windows 98. If someone could help I would...
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    Is Norton Internet Security compatible with 64-bit?

    Is Norton Security Suite runnable on XP64? The new ZA suite still does not! Why aren't these people interested???
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    Conversion software for AppleWorks 6?

    Is there any conversion software to make appleworks 6 readable in a pc or to just convert it to word. I would like free if possible. I have some docs on a mac with an os of 9.2 and want to get all the stuff to pc format.
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    phpBB on windows server 2000

    I would like to install phpBB 2.0 on a windows 2000 server on my network, so that network users can access this locally as a method of communicating over the network in addition to email. This needs to be available to about 200 people on site, which is managed by 3 NT domain controllers. Clients...
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    modem problem

    I have a problem with my modem: my computer does not detect it. I can still go on the internet but I can't play online games. I use Windows XP. Is there a way to have it detected?
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    booting problem?

    My PC Is not booting up, it is geting powered on to all peripherals(HDD, CD-ROM) and CPU cooling Fan is also working but after 1 min monitor indicator will becoming low and it is not booting. Previously it was working but from 3 days back onwards i am getting this ptoblem. Please give me some...
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    PHP and Apache question

    Hello to all members, I want to use php 4 and apache 2 on fedora core 4 but not been able to use .Can anyone tell me how to plugin php non apache on linux platform.
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    getting pictures lightened

    I have some pictures that I need to get lightened .Anyone can tell me how exactly can I it and if not is there a website i could go to to lighten up the pictures
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    Does Dell ship computers with Linux?

    I heard some Dells are going to be shipped with Linux. Does anyone have any information on this?
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    Photos on Mac OS 7-9?

    Hi Has any body got a O/S 7.5 or 6 start up disc. I want to use it on a Mac 7200. I cannot open some older Photos on the O/S 8.6 I think they were taken with a Quick take camera I have the soft ware for the camera.