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    Been a while

    Woah, damn last post was March 14th :eek: Hey all :D
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    Happy Birthday Geffy!

    Happy Birthday mate! :) :p :) :p
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    Sat here munching away at a packet of bite size Oreo biscuits, and they own. Just thought I'd let everyone know :)
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    Microsoft Tilt Wheel Mouse

    A while back someone posted about binding the tilt wheel on one of the new Microsoft mice. Anyone know if it can be done? I'm looking to bind it in Enemy Territory if that helps, good ol' Quake engine. Any help is appreciated.
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    Enemy Territory

    I know a few people from the forums play the game, but if some sort of clan/association with ntfs could be worked out then would the interest be there from members to get together and play? Just curious as to what people would think
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    Sony PSP Concept Design

    Damn.. it looks purty :D,3363,sz=1&i=46494,00.jpg
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    EXTREMELY addictive... you have been warned :)
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    Advanced Properties in Network Connections Corrupted

    Right, I was given one of those Kiss DVD players that you can network to a PC and stream media off it and reading through the manual and other forums I found out that the computer needs to be running DHCP, which mine is, and that you simply have to give the player the IP address of the computer...
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    Blog Sites

    I have one, and I know a few others here do as I've linked them :) Anyone else have a blog site they want to share?
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    Thunderbird Mail

    Is there a way to make Windows recognise it as a mail client in the start menu? At the moment mine gives me the option of MSN Explorer, Hotmail and Outlook Express. I know I can just create a shortcut and pin it, but can you do it this way?
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    Unreal II Multiplayer

    Lookin good so far, and the best thing is it'll be free to download when its ready Take a look here :)
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    MOH: Breakthrough Demo

    Downloaded this and gave it a spin. On the face of things it looks like a re-textured Allied Assault. The main menu is EXACTLY the same just with different colours. Theres some new skins and whatnot so I sorted that out and joined the first server i found that wasnt full. The Palermo map...
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    Which Card?

    Been Looking around graphics cards that best suite my price range of about £130-£135 and i've found a couple of cards. At the moment I have a 64mb Geforce4 mx420. I'm not going to be using the card for photo/video editing or anything like that, just for gaming and video playback. I'm running...
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    Just finished watching and its a really enjoyable film. Good plot, well thought out and very well done. A new favourite of mine :)
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    TFT Monitors

    Just been having a conversation about TFT monitors on IRC, basically, how feaseable are they for desktop use? I'm thinking of buying one, and my uses are mainly usual desktop use, some graphics work, occasional games and movie watching. Does anyone use a TFT daily and what difference did...
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    Mobile Asses

    ehehehehe found this site pictures of behinds taken with mobile phone cameras... they do have a use :D
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    Website themes using CSS and PHP

    I have seen dotted about sites that use php to select which css stylesheet is loaded, giving the visitor the option of changing the theme of the page. does anyone use this? i have a sort of idea how this could be done i was just wondering if there was anyone already using something like that
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    Robbie Williams at Knebworth

    Did anyone else go last night? I thought he was wicked. Top bloke and a great performer. I wasnt sure if i would like a concert of his as i'm only really a fan of a few of his songs. He is though, without doubt a class act. Really enjoyable. 2 out of the 4 supports let the day down, those...
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    Star Wars Galaxies

    Has anyone played this yet? Some copies came into work this morning and i've been thinkin about giving it a go but I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on it so far.
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    ATI Radeon 9200

    Has anyone heard anything about the new range, specifically the 256mb card? For the price, just under £70 inc. VAT this seems too good to be true as far as the memory goes but does anyone know how the card performs?