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    Power Supply Issue??

    Does the motherboard have a power light? My motherboard has a green led to indicate when it has power flowing through it. Thats a surefire way to tell =P
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    Lost in Translation

    That movie was amazing. The most amazing thing was their ability to create a relationship between a 22 yr old woman and early 50's man and not have the cinema viewers cringe at it. It seemed normal.
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    SATA - IDE in tandem

    My system currently already uses the IDE channels for my 2 optical drives and 2 ide drives. My question is... can i run a SATA hdd tandem to my ide's or does activating the SATA "Switch Off" my IDE drives. I'm running low on space atm and i'd rather add rather than substitute a drive...
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    Hey Again ^_^

    Ahh... the friendliness =D I remember all you peeps except hybrid. Must have been after i left =P Speedy lost the banana avatar =P Damnit... going to have to create a new sig banner and avatar. Whats the dimensions here?
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    Hey Again ^_^

    Hey guys, Just come to say hello, i'm gonna restart being a regular here again. Don't think many peeps here will remember me but i remember a lot of you guys. This is the greatest community. Things have changed since i was last here but hopefully the friendliness hasn't changed =D See...
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    Who's got the most music?

    Got a total of 3852 songs taking up 21,348,862,547 bytes on my hard drive =P 305 hours and 19 minutes of music. Nasty stuff. Although i should start to delete some stuff but don't have the time to =P And about 50% of this is stuff i own, 20% are mixes (as in some Electronic Beats...
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    Soltek SL-865-GR

    Wow this forum has changed since i last frequented it. And i lost my account >_< Anyhow. I'm in the market for a new motherboard and cpu (and subsequently RAM) The above mentioned motherboard is what i've chosen to be a suitable mobo but what do you guys have to say to this...