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    The Tweaking Experience 4

    The Tweaking Experience 3.0 Hi all, Today I released The Tweaking Experience 3.0. Thanks to Electronic Punk for the fast upload :) Here is a description of the Tweaking Experience... The Tweaking Experience provides an extensive range of registry tweaks, tricks & hacks for...
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    Tweaking Experience 2.1 Released

    The Tweaking Experience 2.1 Hi All or better Tweakers ;-) Yes I'm Back! Since a long time I was planned to release The Tweaking Experience 2.1 today. But I found some mistakes. I'm now correct these mistakes and I will release it in a few days. This new release have more then 30 new...
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    The Tweaking Experience 2.0

    Thanks to Electronic Punk The Tweaking Experience is now ready for download. Have Fun ! Lex.
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    XP-Tweaking Guide

    Hi all, I'm impressed about the popularity of the XP-Tweaking Guide. Within a month more then 26.000 downloads...unbelievable. From this place I will thank you all for your positive reactions so far. Especially I will thanks Electronic Punk and also Enyo. These guys make it possible...
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    XP-Tweaking Guide 1.4 Ready

    Hi all, The XP-Tweaking Guide 1.4 is now ready for download. Download Have Fun ! Lex.
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    XP-Tweaking Guide

    Several months I developing a XP-tweaking Guide, which is more now then only a tweaking guide. It's now the time to share it with you. You can download it at: Direct Download Have Fun! Lex.
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    Old-style logon

    Hi all, I have disable all new gui features of Windows XP, but i cannot disable the new gui logon. I want back the old style logon same as Windows 2000. I have read something about disable the Welcome screen in the User Account settings. But i have not this option because i'm still a domain...
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    How to sdd a second domain

    Hi all, I have 1 Linux server and 1 Windows 2000 server. When XP is started then i can select the Linux server "URANUS". But i want also add my Windows 2000 server "EARTH" in the list. But i don't know how to add a second domain in XP. Anyone can tell me how to handle this. Thanx. Lex.
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    Icon Cache

    Hi all, Who know's how i can increase my icon cache. Regards, Lex.
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    Checkdisk with chkdsk

    Hi, I have still using XP for a while now. I have a little problem with the startup, when XP starts he will first check all my harddisks with chkdsk. I thought it was once, but he will do it every start. But there are now any problems with my disks. I think there is something marked as...