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  1. .51.VenOmous

    Need a HOT combo sig for call of duty

    Hello all, I was hoping their is someone out there that could hook me up with a hot call of duty sig with something that has to do with both the united offensive and the first + my tag .51.VenOmous/and if its not to much to ask a avaitor as well all help on this will be greatly...
  2. .51.VenOmous

    area.51.clan logo

    Can some one come up with some hot sh.. for us ?Some thing that has to with area 51 like aliens or the resticted area it self.With so sick designing :) :)
  3. .51.VenOmous

    Call of Duty Sig

    I was hoping someome could make me a hot cod sig with my tag 51 VenOmous ...I really would appreciate it.Thank in advance!