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  1. wadada

    windows security updates problem

    Hello, just downloaded 10 new updates for windows vista at the microsoft site including some office 2007 updates, when i download the updates and install them i got told to restart the computer so vista can install them, when i done that most of the updates were not installed, and my pc (...
  2. wadada

    pc monitor cleaning ( inside )

    Every now and then you have to clean your computer screen. But, what about the inside of the screen, how are you supposed to clean that?? I can now do this remotely at no cost to you. First, clean the outside of your screen and then click the link below to clean the inside...
  3. wadada

    Ad Aware definiton file update

  4. wadada

    counterspy ( false positive )

    hmmm i think my counterspy found a false positive but im not sure, can anyone tell me ?
  5. wadada


    Get in the Groove for Office Collaboration Peer-to-peer (P2P) is all the rage, but it's usually associated with illegal swapping of music files. You might be surprised to know that P2P is the latest big thing in business software. Last week, I promised I'd tell you about a great...
  6. wadada

    Rootkit Warning

    What's a rootkit? It's a hacker program that can be used to take over and monitor or control your system remotely. Some can even make changes to the operating system kernel - not a good thing. And they can disguise themselves to make it almost impossible to detect them with most ordinary...
  7. wadada

    Microsoft Plans to Offer Anti-Spyware Program

    Last week, Bill Gates announced that Microsoft is planning to develop software to combat the growing problem of "spyware," programs placed surreptitiously on users' computers to collect information and send it back to a company for marketing research purposes or even to a hacker for malicious...
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    FrontMotion Login What is it? FrontMotion Login is the next generation logon interface for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It surpasses the normal Microsoft Windows logon and offers more interactivity and functionality through the use of Macromedia Flash and our custom logon implementation...
  9. wadada

    ad aware se skinsite :)
  10. wadada

    Happy birthday Electronic Phunk err Punk !

    happy birthday EP ! :)
  11. wadada

    Capture Screenshots From Windows Media Player

    Have you ever tried to capture an image from a video in Windows Media Player? You'd think that all you had to do was pause the video, click on the Windows Media Player title bar, hold down the ALT key on the keyboard and then press PrtScn on the keyboard. If you've tried that, you know it...
  12. wadada

    Lookout Puts Your E-mail and File Searches into High Gear

    If your life revolves e-mail, then you know how important it is to be able to find that key e-mail message containing the info you need. You can use the Find feature in Outlook or Outlook Express, but that always seems to take forever. Maybe you need to find a file on your hard disk that has an...
  13. wadada

    nvidia 61.77

    there are new graphic drivers from nvidia released today supporting the new direct x 9.0c version 61.77 :D
  14. wadada

    Internet Explorer Scare: Should You Switch?

    The U.S. government's Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) made headlines in June when they issued a statement urging computer users to switch from Internet Explorer to "any other browser." We've reported on several IE exploits in recent issues, including the download.ject virus that allows...
  15. wadada

    cool winampskin

    cool new winamp skin by bolzabeach
  16. wadada

    Is Linux Truly More Secure than Windows?

    If you're someone who enjoys a good debate, step right up. There's a discussion (well, more like a donnybrook, actually) revving up, pitting those who believe with religious fervor that Linux is intrinsically more secure that Windows against those who believe just as strongly that poor Microsoft...
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  18. wadada

    Symantec Warns Of Flaw In Antivirus Program

    24.05.2004 14:44:16 Symantec Corp. is warning its customers about a security vulnerability within its antivirus application. The Internet security vendor ranks the flaw as "medium," while security research group Secunia pegged the flaw as "moderately critical." The flaw, which resides...
  19. wadada

    Internet Blackmail Scam

    Several of you wrote in response to last week's editorial about blackmail via e-mail. We were glad to hear that most of you have not received such messages, and those who have said they immediately deleted them. A number of you said you wouldn't know if you had received blackmail attempts...
  20. wadada

    Banana Phone

    Banana Phone click the link < watch this movie >, its in flash and very funny :lol: [TEEN] Mild Violence, Mild Audible Explicit Language