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  1. dubstar

    Ordered an XPS 8300, Out of the loop on video cards

    What video card should I get? I haven't been keeping up on processors or video cards since ATI Radeon 9800XT was THE card to get. I'm looking to dive in to gaming again. Recently been on a Macbook Pro. I own a few games already (older): - Starcraft 2 - Diablo 2/LOD - Lego World Online (or...
  2. dubstar

    resx error? visual basic

    Error 1 Invalid Resx file. Could not find file '...~\My Project\Resources.resx'. ...~\My Project\Resources.resx Sailboat Charter Agency I renamed a background image file, and this error happened. I named it back to the original name but it wasn't fixed. I tried re-adding the file and then it...
  3. dubstar

    Xbox 360 + Airport Extreme (Network Connection)

    Sometimes my xbox connects automatically, most of the time it doesnt. I have set it to Automatically login and go Online. Part of the time I can goto "Configure Network" and have it Scan Networks and then it says it's connected. What's wrong here? Why isn't it automatically scanning...
  4. dubstar

    Need help identifying old toy's name or brand

    I don't have it with me, but I can hopefully describe enough of it to you guys to help me figure out what it was called. I tried Googling, but it hasn't helped. Clear or Blue spheres with octagon connections, all equally 90 degrees a part from each other. As in, top, bottom, and 4 around the...
  5. dubstar

    Firewire 800 devices? Other than Harddrives

    I've sorta been looking around, finding a purpose for my Macbook Pro's FW800 port... All I see are hard drives. Is there anything else?
  6. dubstar

    FIOS speed (5/2) crawls when watching Netflix

    I thought I only needed 2.5mb for Netflix, I have double that and I still get suuuuper lagged out when I watch a movie. I have the MI424WR, wireless Xbox 360 usb dongle, MacBook Pro with the Wireless N,G, and A. It weirds me out. I pay a lot for these services and I feel like I'm...
  7. dubstar

    Hack 'n Slash games?

    Looking for a nice hack 'n slash. Online would be good, but trying to stay away from Pay games. I played Lineage 2 for a long time. I really enjoyed it. Diablo 2 is another favorite of mine. Not much into WoW, but willing to try that style. Yes, I know Lineage 2 and WoW are monthly fees...
  8. dubstar

    Popup Blockers for Safari 4?

    I'm using AdBlocker, plus the default "Do not allow pop-ups" that'd built into Safari. But I still get pop-ups that load behind the page I'm viewing. Then I use "Expose" and I see a ton of those pages popped up! Anything I can do?
  9. dubstar

    Need to access remote storage through Actiontec router

    Hardware: D-Link NAS321 Actiontec MI424WR fiber router Free DynDNS account (Both router and NAS have native DynDNS compatibility built in) I am trying to access my NAS through my Router from my DynDNS. Everytime I surf to my DynDNS I get my routers home page instead of my NAS.
  10. dubstar

    Right-Click Context Menu filled with empty slots?

    How do I fix this problem? Anyone ever encounter this?
  11. dubstar

    Blackberry 8330 Games/Apps

    I have a friend who just got an 8330 and is looking for games, applications and generally nice things to have on it. All I could find was, and it was okay. She is a teacher, very active, enjoys good food, and sales in stores. Any specific or sites with applications would be...
  12. dubstar

    something @home ??? genome project?

    i forgot what it's called, my friend was talking about it and i forgot the name. something about finding flaws in human cells, cancer research or ... help! thanks guys. edit: nevermind, Folding@home.
  13. dubstar

    iphone 3g 16gig lcd+digitizer question

    anyone know if the new iphones can replace just the lcd? i have a phone coming on ebay and the screen is damaged but the touch function still works. without research i purchased a 3g 16gig lcd replacement on ebay. a friend said you cant separate the digitizer from the lcd. i did some...
  14. dubstar

    C++ Struct Question

    my first Struct: struct menuType //struct definition { string itemName; //name of item double itemPrice; //price of item }; string getMenu() { ifstream menuList;"menuList.txt"); if (menuList.is_open()) { while (! menuList.eof()) { cin.getline...
  15. dubstar

    retrieve files from imporperly mounted disk?

    What program can I use for that? I can't boot into Windows because it reboots at the log-in screen without pressing any buttons. Found out its an improperly mounted volume/disk. I can use a program to view the files names, but I dont know any files to retrieve them. Anything via USB would...
  16. dubstar

    Update for Windows XP (KB898461)

    Wont install. Tried changing the "SoftwareDist.." folder and restarting AutoUpdates. Not sure what else I can do. I've had this trouble for a while. I reinstalled Windows XP Media Center and did all the updates, just doing my normal 4month refresh. Never happened before. Thanks
  17. dubstar

    Recover Files on Improperly Dismounted NTFS drive

    Tried to use RECOVER MODE and it couldn't, so I'm trying to save the hdd. Found out its a: Improperly dismounted NTFS drive. I dont really know what that means, just that it doesn't work right anymore. Tried using Hiren's Tools 9.5 but I dont know how to get data OFF the hdd, just look at the...
  18. dubstar

    Wii Components coming up tooooo bright

    Working with an LC 32D43U Sharp Aquos at my friends house, we just hooked up Wii component cables and everything is wayy too bright. We went from Composite. It should be working well. We just went from Composite to HDMI on the dvd player and it looks amazing. Wish the Wii looked this...
  19. dubstar

    X2 5600+ compared to Intels...

    What can I compare the AMD X2 5600+ to in Intels Lineup? It's the AMD 780G Chipset. It's in a Mobo/CPU bundle I'm considering getting. I don't need it for much. I'm not encoding movies or anything. Just listening to music, writing papers, etc - which is all about RAM anyway. I've heard a...
  20. dubstar

    just got an xbox 360

    well, i won the ebay auction for an xbox 360 elite. i'm wondering what I should be looking forward to the most. I've been using my old xbox modded with a 250gig hdd for a pretty long time. Any MUST HAVE games? Is it easy to hookup the NetFlix plug-in with XP Media Center? Thanks, Alan