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  1. Perris Calderon

    Macs DO NOT Cost IBM Less, Apple Subsidizes IBM to Use Them

    Disclaimer This is data for PC users so not to fall for marketing memes. Mac customers shouldn't be dissuaded from preference, users should get what they like, if you're a Mac user ignore. I'm tired of IBM, Apple and proselytizers mis-represent actual circumstances behind IBM using Macs...
  2. Perris Calderon

    Reaching out for old internet friends

    Hey everyone, lost touch with so many of you, just want to touch base, find what's going in your lives. See you soon I hope Perris DEALER!!!!
  3. Perris Calderon

    Belated Tribute for JEH, (Jamie Edward Hanrahan, RIP Internet me Friend

    As I approach 70, (yup, was 67 in January) I've wanted to find old friends, I'll post a different thread for everyone how can touches base. I became an internet friend with JEH, man did I learn tons from him. My personal emails with him got bounced so I went to 2CPU, his forum of choice, sadly...
  4. Perris Calderon

    Easy Method to Get Complete Right Click Back Windows 11

    My goodness, MS is making it hard liking 11, I understand they want cleaner experience, yet for those of us wanting the complete menu without two clicks, the "clean look" is brutal. I wouldn't mind at all if they gave us an option to order right click, but they don't, and I suppose you can...
  5. Perris Calderon

    Windows 11 Work around for task manager and "create shortcut missing in right click"

    A few big mistakes from MS to work around; First, there's no frigging ungroup task bar icons, second no task bar right click to get task manager. Grouped icons is a security risk, I don't want all my activity on display when I hover, this is no acceptable, I've sent this issue in, but they...
  6. Perris Calderon

    The Actual, (technical) Reason Windows Doesn't Support Some CPUs

    The actual reason, (in spite of conspiracies speculated on the internet), is technical rather than marketing (or otherwise conspiratorial). Even though Windows 10 proved remarkably stable, the few crashes were almost always driver related, Microsoft is now attempting an elimination/reduction of...
  7. Perris Calderon

    Try Windows 11 Free in Browser Regardless Hardware, (including IOS users)

    Pretty cool, web-based windows 11, it's not complete, but you can give the interface and things like 11 edge browser Windows 11 in browser free Go there, , type any password you want into login when it loads, enjoy 11 interface and a few apps. It's pretty snappy once loaded, you can get...
  8. Perris Calderon

    The ACTUAL Reason M1 is SO Good {spoiler, it's NOT because it's ARM}

    To be clear for those believing Apple proved ARM is a better platform over x86 far from it; So far they’ve proven opposite. Apple and ARM deliberately leaves out the actual factor, (I'll add that for ya), M1 performance isn’t because of ARM, it’s because, (thanks to the buying up the first 5nm...
  9. Perris Calderon

    Go back with backspace fix in edge

    It seems both chrome and MS disabled the backspace button, I don't use Chrome anymore, but there's an extension in edge bringing back the function, get it here;
  10. Perris Calderon

    MS Duo,(android os) Will Probably run Windows On Arm Soon

    For it's debut, the new Windows phone is running an MS version of Android; However, in the near future, you will almost certainly be able run the Windows on Arm OS Flagship Android phones hacked to run Windows Duo doesn’t run Windows (yet), it’s running an MS branded android, but I know as a...
  11. Perris Calderon

    How Does Windows Assign Available Memory

    I've seen all over the internet, "How much memory is too much. The actual answer, is the size of your disk, if you can get all data on disk into memory, the computer will see very little latency. I've also seen questions like, "how many cores are too many" The answer there is, you can use as...
  12. Perris Calderon

    Moore's (not a) Law Will Always Be Satisfied

    Hardly a person knows the actual "Moores (not a) Law, most only know the first part. The "actual" law from "Moore" covers all bases and cannot possibly fail; Looks like he covered the bases for every contingence: Paraphrased, that reads like so “It might slow down, it might speed up, it...
  13. Perris Calderon

    Disable Annoying Volume Applet In Edges' Chrome

    Man, since I went to Edge chrome I've hated THIS; Let's disable that bugger! Paste this into the address bar; Edge://flags This'll open; Paste in the search field and enter hardware media You'll get this Hit the scroll down, set to disabled, DONE, restart the browser, now when you...
  14. Perris Calderon

    Windows New Feature, Better than Snipping Tool

    Man, I use snipping tool a lot, but it is a three step process, windows key, typing shipping tool, entering, then hitting new. No need, now just hit windows key+shift+s, the snip goes directly into your clipboard, you can just hit control+v to paste it wherever you intend. Especially nice, if...
  15. Perris Calderon

    You Can/Should Delete the Contents of Your AMD Folder

    If you have AMD, there's a the AMD folder on your "C" drive. This folder's there to unpack driver updates, (catalyst I believe). If you update often, ( AMD publishes frequent driver upgrades), the folder can get huge, if you have a smaller SSD, or even one of admirable size, this folder takes...
  16. Perris Calderon

    How to Enable Group Policy Edit (gpedit) installed on Windows 10 home

    I didn't write this batch file, it's been published without author so I can't give credit. Our board doesn't allow bat file uploads, American Zombie solved the problem, instead I uploaded a zip file, you can download that, unpack and unpack it. Alternatively, you can make your own batch file...
  17. Perris Calderon

    How To Keep Web Sites From Auto Refresh

    Very annoying when a website insists on auto refresh, even if there's new content, if I'm reading something, I don't want an interruption, The solution is in "internet options" which you get to through the control panel Once in control panel, type in the search field "internet", click on the...
  18. Perris Calderon

    How to search history in edge

    This has been an ongoing battle in the community, for some reason ms doesn't include a search feature in edge, should be a simple fix yet they haven't done anything about it...
  19. Perris Calderon

    Fix Firefox Extensions (Session Manager) Disabled

    This isn't really fix but a work around, session manager publisher provides the necessary info; I personally switched to cyberfox and it seems to work flawlessly with otherwise disabled adds I have installed, like video download helper and session manager. If anyone has a better solution...
  20. Perris Calderon

    Laptop batteries last far longer using edge

    If you're on a laptop unplugged and you need as much uptime as possible, edge will give you quite a bit more time over other browsers, it's become my favorite browser after a long long run on chrome;